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As Long as We Remember...

December 30, 2008

Terminology and Political Correctness

Farrell Keough

This is the time of year when resolutions are made and broken.  I shall attempt to follow in that hallowed tradition. “Eat and drink whatever you want.” The beauty of this resolution is that soon you will not be able to afford it, hence you will diet and sober up whether you want to or not.


Great, now that the particulars are over, the real issues can be discussed.


In this coming year it is very likely we will be witness to yet more political correctness. We basically have two choices when confronted with this kind of chicanery: we can either continue to overlook it, thereby perpetuating the bait and switch of our times. Or, we can step up and take on the lies of false terminology.


For instance, “illegal alien” is the correct terminology, not “illegal immigrant” or any derivation thereof. This is outlined in our laws under Title 8 of the United States Code. Hence, when you hear our sheriff or anyone else using the term “illegal criminal alien,” that is not only correct, but more precise than what you read in the newspapers or hear on television.


But why does this matter?


Two reasons quickly come to mind. First is the disservice done to those people who have gone through the process to come to our nation legally. During their stay or process to become a naturalized citizen, they have legal standing to be termed immigrants. That is because they respected our nation and our laws. They followed the rules and entered this country legally. To call those who come into this country illegally with the same term is demeaning to those people who show respect for our people and this nation.


Second is the minimizing of the offense committed by those people who have entered our nation illegally. By changing the terminology, we are tacitly giving credibility to the action. In other words, we are declaring a crime a legal action.


Some will justify this action by generalizing that the public will become racist towards certain groups if we allow this correct verbiage to be used. This is simply a bait and switch to play upon our guilt. There is no evidence of racial profiling or group intimidation based upon using the correct terminology of “illegal alien.” In fact, evidence points in the other direction.


Because we will not use correct identification, some communities will not enforce our existing laws. For instance, in Montgomery County there is a concerted effort not to enforce our laws pertaining to “illegal aliens.” This has served to make that area a sanctuary.


The result is that gang related and other criminal activity has increased tremendously. Just recently a number of heinous murders have been attached to both gangs and members who were “criminal illegal aliens” – meaning these people were not only in our nation illegally, but had already committed crimes since being here.


We have seen many examples of changing the terminology to diminish the event: i.e., homelessness, political shenanigans, economic revitalization. These terms do not deal with the underlying truths. Hence, many actions , some of which may involve a difficult life circumstance, are grouped together whether the person involved, or the policy put forward, has a compensating nature or not. In other words, forget the truth of the action, we must all accept it and not place real consequence upon it.


When we start to accept this softening of action by placing another word on it, we open the doors to further illegal, immoral, or just plain foolish exploitation of our rights or tax dollars. In the instance of mass illegal alien migration, we go a step further – we detrimentally effect the fabric of our nation. Not only do we ensure assimilation is no longer a component of becoming a part of our nation, we incur tremendous costs in our education, legal, medical, and countless other aspects of our day-to-day expenditures and necessities.


In this coming year, we need to make it a priority to use accurate and correct terminology. We can no longer be shamed or quieted into accepting these politically correct terms. This has become so common place that we often do not even realize when we are being co-opted. As has been stated so often, “freedom is not free” and vigilance towards keeping the truth must be continuous.


Wishing you a happy and vigilant New Year.



United States Code: Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter I, § 1101 Definitions

(a) (3) The term “alien” means any person not a citizen or national of the United States.


United States Code: Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter II, Section 1325 Improper entry by alien.


{Editor’s Note: Despite Mr. Keough’s strong defense of the term “illegal alien,” and his citation of the U.S. Code (above), it shall be the policy of to use the term “illegal immigrant(s), as that is how this editor was brought up in journalism at such publication as The Frederick News-Post, The Baltimore Sun, and The Raleigh News & Observer (NC). Aliens are from another planet; immigrants – legal or illegal – come from another country on Planet Earth. P.S. Those who write the laws of this nation are not necessarily observers of proper English and its usage.]


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