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December 8, 2008

Conversational Items

Steven R. Berryman

In absolutely no particular order, here are some hot items for your reading pleasure, just in time for that water cooler conversation or company holiday party.


With the news so eclectic and broad in range this past week, this is the only way I could explain it!


*Hope for I-270 commuters: Our President Elect Barack Obama, in another preemptive news spasm, floated a make-work trial balloon about putting people back to work. Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be proud, as federally sponsored jobs programs will include massive cash for roads and infrastructure improvements, and also school renovations. But do we really want unemployed mortgage bankers, car builders, and economics professors laying asphalt?


**Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley promotes what will become illegal immigrant training to help assimilate workers into the state. His stated assumption is that we have vacancies in strategic service industries here. Really? Then why the mandated 5-day furloughs of state workers to save the budget &34 million?


This seems like a major opportunity for our ICE brethren to verify legal status on citizenship, and filter out criminals and AIDS virus carriers due to our epidemic. Yes, Maryland leads the nation as the number one state in the union for the increasing trend of HIV infection per capita.


On a happier note:


***Christmas Cash for Kids raised over $126,000. This year the WFMD radiothon was again hosted by Bob Miller, with Blaine Young “off of his kiester” big time! The winning changes for 2008 included a focus on having the faithful networking their buddies, calling out politicians, and taking credit cards.


Fulfillments of your pledge can be taken to any Maryland PNC Bank or the station on Grove Hill Road.


…But back to sad. There was little cross promotion of this event in The Frederick News-Post (FNP), a big missed opportunity, even in the Sunday edition when they ran a recap of charitable events and ran their “Report Card” sections in Opinion. Individuals at the local paper, however, were very generous, and columnist Katherine Heerbrandt did lend her voice!


But…to make matters worse, attempts to make electronic comments in the FNP to clue readers in to the above ran into overt censorship, as online comments were systematically deleted. Ho Ho Ho…Where’s the esprit de corp?!


That said, on the fight against Illegal-Criminal-Immigrants in Maryland, I have noticed a big reduction in media-bias evident in the FNP, and also the Gazette. Instead of labeling crime stories about “undocumented” or unverifiable perpetrators, I am seeing the “I” word much more these days. Semantics is important here as we push back against the tide.


****The White House Governmental Affairs Liaison was just announced to be Cynthia Munoz, the ex-executive vice president from La Raza, the radical push organization. FYI, CASA de Maryland was “affiliate member of the year” for The National Council of La Raza (the Race, literally).


Since CASA (Central American Solidarity Association) is actively engaged in political activity, should they still be receiving millions of dollars in state tax funding? Does this violate the “Hatch Act?”


Speaking of money…


*****”Bailout money to top $8.5 Trillion” is a headline you won’t see on the front page, because it is buried in technical detail (on purpose?) and quite the obscure subject under the final analysis. Yes, that is the authoritative total not reported as these line-items require no congressional approvals.


This amount is so large that it is approximately enough to give every human being in America $2,000 per month for a year, legal or illegal! See: Follow the 8.5 trillion: Breakdown of the government’s rescue funds.  Click here. with a hat-tip to Gerald Blair for pointing this up!


*******The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is rapidly expanding now. And we are almost halfway to a local troop level of 20,000 in-country. Planting active duty troops right here in the US of A is a possible violation of the “Posse Comitatus Act.”


The excuse is to have them as a rapid reaction force to be available in response to a large scale terrorist act, and the claim is that only 8% will be armed for “force protection.” Not quite “Brown Shirts,” but perhaps a step into the wrong direction unless very carefully monitored.


********In nearby Montgomery County, County Executive Ike Leggett and Police Chief J. Thomas Manger still oppose implementing the 287g program that filters for Illegals at the incarceration level and trains officers on identification of false documents, such as “green cards.” There is now a rising tally of victims that may not have died had the program been embraced and facilitated.


This total includes a retired couple in their 70s murdered in their own home by an Illegal, when he tied them up and took a gang hatchet to their heads during a robbery near Bethesda.


*Along these lines, The Sheriff of Frederick County, Chuck Jenkins speaks to this subject above in Rockville tonight (Monday 8th) at 7 P.M. at the Public Library. Hope Chief Manger is listening…Details can be found at .


Okay, now you can go get your cup of coffee!


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