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As Long as We Remember...

December 29, 2008

What’s in and What’s out for 2009

Steven R. Berryman

Every year we have major shifts in trends, policy, attitudes, and happenings. The 2008 / 2009 transition is no different, and is more important than usual.


It is most important to stay on top of it all, so I jotted down some notes.


I offer some of the most obvious

What’s Out:                                                       What’s In:

_________                                                        ________


*Savings accounts                                       saving ourselves

*SUV’s                                                                     *Bicycles

*Oil gouging                                              Electricity Gouging

*Trust in Capitalism                                   *Fear of Socialism

*Network news                                       *The Drudge Report

*Shock jocks                             *The Morning News Express

*CASA de Maryland                              *Help Save Maryland

*News printed on                         *News printed on electrons

*Fear of the unknown                                         *Preparation

*Jerry Lewis                                                          *Bob Miller

*Online commenting anonymously      *In your face Activism

*Criminal (Illegal) Immigrants             *Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

*Counting Students                                      *School Surveys

*Voluntary days off                                                *Furloughs

*Blaine Young                                     *Katherine Heerbrandt

*Glenn Beck                                                     *Blaine Young

*Political Correctness                            *Obama Engineering

*Martin O’Malley pandering                        *Bob Ehrlich hope

*TARP Fund                                                   *FDIC oversight

*Automotive Big 3                                        *Automotive Big 2

*City Government buyouts                                *Hiring freezes

*Ivy League schools                               *Community Colleges

*K-Mart                                                                     *Wal-Mart

*Rush Limbaugh                                            *Rush Limbaugh

*Secularism                                                            *Patriotism

*Change                                                                         *Hope

*Home Owner’s Associations       *Home Owner volunteerism

*Watching Television                                   *Watching Laptop

*Community Policing                                      *Fusion Centers

*Speeding tickets                                      *Photo enforcement

*Joe Volz                                                            *Sam Bennett

*Sarah Palin                                                  *Michelle Obama

*Costly Incinerators in a recession      *Ugly recycling buckets

*Expensive vacations                              *Expensive furloughs

*Race as an excuse                        *Race as a source of pride

*John McCain                                                     *Hillary Clinton

*Fighting development                                   *Enterprise zones

*Targeting Illegals                                               *Self deporting

*Wall Street corruption                                 *Political corruption

*The “do nothing” Congress           *The “do nothing” Congress

*The Iraq invasion                                   *The Afghanistan War

*Getting out fast                                     *Getting out with honor

*George Bush                                                    *George Orwell

*Inflation worries                                        *Stag-flation worries

*Entitlement Society                                    *Social engineering

*Tax hikes                                                                  *User fees

*Energy from coal                                 *Wind and Solar energy

*Credit Default Swaps                                   *Plain old Defaults

*Precious metals investing                   *Archer Daniels Midland

*Going out to the movies                                    *Online movies

*Landline                                                                      *wireless

*Prius                                                                        *Smart Car

*Blackberry                                                                    *iPhone

*US Army in Europe                    *Homeland Security stateside

*Terrorist threats                                     *Terrorist opportunities

*Preventative War                                       *Protectionist nation

*Red Bull                                                             *5-Hour Energy

*Hard News                                                            *Infotainment

*Immigration Reform                                          *Cynthia Munoz

*Building fences                                                *Building bridges

*Money in stocks                                       *Money in mattresses

*Institutional Media Bias                                 *Citizen journalism

*NAACP                                                        *The Obama Nation

*Worman’s Mill Conservancy  *Neighborhood Advisory Councils

*Little league Baseball                             *Little League Lacrosse

*Bail-outs for Banks  *Bail-outs for Commercial Real Estate firms

*Pressing “Issues” show/cable access     *Comcast price gouges

*Sarah Palin glasses                       *Michelle Obama hair relaxer


Knowledge is power.


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