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January 9, 2009

Bumper Stickers Say It All

Joe Charlebois

In a recent survey (unofficial) of vehicles that travel the highways and byways from Washington to Pittsburgh over the past few months, it was noted that 99% of vehicles with a Democrat or left leaning bumper sticker did not have a United States flag flanking it with pride. That is, they did not have the United States flag emblazoned upon their tailgate, bumper or rear window.


In the same survey (unofficial as it may be) vehicles that displayed the Stars & Stripes were highly likely to have Republican or right leaning bumper stickers present as well.


This brings up an interesting question. Are those on the left more proud of their party than their country? Does the left feel ashamed to show their pride by displaying the ultimate symbol of our country?


Neither statement may be accurate for the whole of the left. However, for the "blame America first" crowd, these statements are dead on assessments of their true beliefs.


Since the decade of the 1960’s, our government has been derided with a high level of contempt. This has largely originated from one side of the political spectrum – the left. The left has been the home of an agenda that seeks to unify the world into like-minded governments. This, of course, would take down the United States in the process. This can be seen by leaders of the left who insist that we check our sovereignty at the door and run every move by the United Nations for approval.


The far left despises the military, or any use of the military, except for the possible exception of humanitarian aid. Even after we were attacked in 2001, great percentages of the American people stood behind President George W. Bush, but were quick to back off when retaliation meant the use of actual ground forces to win the war on terror.


Even former President William J. Clinton wrote that he "loathed" the military in a letter to Sen. J. William Fulbright (AR) during his college days.


I have to admit that even though it is not a bumper sticker, the support our troops yellow ribbon magnets are equally on display. However, the left leaning vehicles' ribbons have a caveat – its demands are clear. It adds, "Bring them home."


So, I ask you, on your next trip, do your own survey and tell me if you don't come up with similar results.


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