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As Long as We Remember...

August 8, 2002

Brunswick Smacks Anti-Growth Movement

Blaine R. Young

Can it really be true? Is Lennieism on the way out? Are people finally realizing that the slogan "If Developers Win You Lose" is not based on fact.?

Well, this week the town of Brunswick held their elections and on the ballot was the question of annexation. With the anti-growthers very organized in Frederick County, the prediction was that it would not pass. Helping a candidate run for election (Tom Smith), I went door to door passing out brochures for him and came across brochures of Lennyism, stating how horrible growth was and repeating the slogan of "If Developers Win You Lose."

But something strange happen along the way. Citizens started educating other citizens of the benefits of growth if it is managed properly and they even held rallies in support of the annexation. People started to listen and it was a great fight between antigrowth and good growth.

And, in a small town consisting of some of the hardest working people in the area, the impossible became possible. After the votes were counted the annexation passed. It passed by more then 140 votes with 47% of the registered voters casting ballots. There are around 2,600 hundred registered voters in Brunswick.

What does this mean, you might ask? There is such a thing as good growth, and the people are smart enough to understand what it is. So, with taxes and user fees going up, people needing a place to live and people needing to stay employed, there is hope in this county election. This was a huge blow to Lennyism.

Oh, by the way, Tom Smith won, finishing third. Two out of three of the candidates that won were big supporters of the annexation. Now, that a feat in and of itsself.

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