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January 15, 2009

Three Blind Mice

John W. Ashbury

The culture of corruption in Maryland Democrat politics has twice reared its head within a fortnight. Sadly few citizens have been shocked. Sadder still, the two elected officials indicted didn't even realize what they did was outside the guidelines of business as usual.


These indictments only show the progression of the downward spiral as the Democratic Party continues to abuse the political system and the citizens of Maryland. Not only are Democrats unable to police their own, but they apparently have a blatant disrespect toward the more upstanding members of their party for not trying.


Baltimore County Councilman Ken Oliver is an MBA from Morgan State University. He has been in the financial world his entire adult life, yet he could not understand the campaign finance law which is written so a senior in high school could understand. What does this mean?


Is the degree from Morgan only a token sheepskin? I don't think so. Morgan has many fine graduates, a few are my friends. Is it the fact that no one ever told Councilman Oliver he was accountable for mistakes? He assumed it would be okay and no one said otherwise.


Councilman Oliver seems to be an honest man. He said he was sorry for the mistake. He said it was a family emergency. He actually recorded the misdeeds on his campaign finance report! Later even, he seemed surprised that he was indicted. Wondering what went wrong – oblivious to the corruption.


Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, on the other hand, didn't even pretend to have any worry about her indictments. Magically she gave the appearance that the 12 counts levied at her are only business as usual in her city. Her attorney even tried to cast blame at the Republicans. In Baltimore City, unbelievable!


The scary part about the Dixon corruption is this: once again what was this mind-set and culture learned? Is it just a huge surprise? No. It was most likely water cooler fodder at City Hall and hot gossip in all the Democrat circles downtown.


Everyone who participates in the political world knows secrets are impossible to keep. Those who keep the best secrets are those involved; perhaps the reason why no one "reported" wrongdoing, it was just business as usual in a one party system that is degrading.


Last year Sen. Ulysses Curry went under the legal magnifying glass. At that time there was little to no remorse and no idea that shady dealings were anything other than standard operating procedures for a Prince George’s state senator. What a shame.


How deep is this Democrat culture of corruption? Three Democrat officials in three separate jurisdictions are the subject of prosecutorial investigations with two already indicted, and the Democrat party shows only sympathy for the families. Where is the cry to clean up the party? What is Gov. Martin O'Malley doing – hiding?


If the table was turned and these individuals would have been Republican elected officials, there would have been a cry from both the masses and the media to string them up from the political gallows. There would have been no sympathy for the families, only the badgering of news media. What a difference a political registration makes.


The past three indictments have given me a new respect for Tommy Bromwell. He – as a state senator – broke the law, got caught and is now doing time. The difference is that Tommy knew he was doing wrong when he did it. He dared the system to catch him.


I'd rather have self confidence than ignorance. Wouldn't you?


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