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August 8, 2002

Senator Mooney Needs To Answer Financial Questions

David 'Kip' Koontz

Well, State Senator Alex Mooney is at it again. This time he got caught claiming $270 in expenses that was supposed to be used in the service of his constituents while he was out of the legislature for nine days while having eye surgery in Virginia.

True, SS claims to have caught the mistake and corrected it on his next report, but it is just as true, in talking with folks in Annapolis, that election year expense reports are the most reviewed for errors, say by an sitting legislator's opponent.

So, one has to ask, "was SS's action done simply for the sake of altruism or because of a fear of getting caught?"

Getting caught makes the most sense.

SS's behavior makes some think he didn't do it for the sake of all that is good and right, after all it was his campaign that tried to infiltrate his opponent's by requesting information and so on, under an assumed name.

This past April SS purported himself to be some kind of saint of financial propriety when he attempted to waste taxpayers dollars on a witch hunt attempting to label the Defeat Mooney Committee as a slush fund for Sue Hecht.

Funny thing is no charges of impropriety were brought against the Defeat Mooney Committee, while SS himself is the one finagling the books.

His dismissive, "oops we shouldn't have done that" attitude about the above two matters is flip and should give district residents pause, as these are, regardless of how SS wants you to view them, serious matters.

A simple, "oopsy daisy" just doesn't cut it.

This man's behavior demeans him and his office.

In light of the recent auditing scandals with Enron, Worldcom, Global Crossing, Adelphia, heck, an audit of part of Frederick City's books was done, financial propriety is a paramount concern to most everyone.

SS should know the rules as to how and what to file by now.

He was required by the state to take a three-day seminar explaining the rules.

He has filed three previous years of reports.

His recent indiscretions have to make one question, "What has he done in the past we don't know about?"

What was claimed in non-election years that we may never know about?

Maybe nothing. Maybe a lot.

Who knows really, but the onus is on SS to prove to the citizens of the district that he has done nothing untoward.

SS has demanded of others that they must prove their innocence, even when there was no innocence to prove, so it is, therefore, proper to call on SS to prove his innocence.

SS should produce receipts and all corresponding documentation needed to show us that he is spending our money on our behalf and not on the behalf of furthering his own political goals.

For instance, how did we, the citizens of District 3, benefit from SS's trip to Savannah, GA, for the Southern Legislative Conference that cost us $650?

Why is it that SS most frequently claimed the maximum per day meal allowance?

Some will question why this column does not call into question the behavior and activity of other legislators of our delegation and that is a fair question.

Simply, SS has positioned himself as being somewhat "holier than though" when it comes to his behavior and moral standards, yet seems to be the only one getting caught doing things that are "iffy" at best.

This past session alone, SS spent $11,262 of our money.

How did his doing so benefit us? We really do have a right to know.

Oh, and does anyone know where all those signs are going?

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr. Koontz is the treasurer of The Defeat Mooney Committee.)

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