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January 21, 2009

Casting Off the New Year

Norman M. Covert

Age and infirmity played a minor role in my kicking off the can’t-miss, spectacular “Age of Obama,” by going to sleep a few seconds before the Waterford® Crystal Sphere dropped at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The arms of Orpheus obscured the weariness of 2008 with its cast of buffoons in government, entertainment, sports and New-Look Journalism.


Revelers were assured that the Presidential Inauguration would be just as intoxicating and make all right with the world. Deficits be damned! We’ll just print more money under the new economic principle: “If we still have checks, we still have money!”


Regarding milestones and accomplishments, consider:


– Congratulations to Del. Rick Weldon (U-3B) for telling his state and local GOP leadership to get off his back; choosing to be unaffiliated. Local Republicans, who lost their way almost a decade ago, are in disarray. They must earn the confidence of Mr. Weldon, a gentleman of true integrity, a value which has been compromised by many in the GOP.


– Naiveté is not yet an epidemic, yet its scars are all over Frederick County. A couple of county commissioners are fully afflicted with it, as are several local news editors, reporters and columnists and perennial Gadfly Barry Kissin. The anti-serum is to learn facts and believe what your eyes tell you. There is a difference in perception and reality.


– Consider this partial list of headliners (guess which party) of 2008: William Ayers, Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Jimmy Carter, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, former North Carolina John Edwards, former Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Timothy Geithner, Norman Hsu, Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, Tony Rezko, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. Pardon the short list and that it doesn’t include the Republican luminaries, who gave lawyers lots of work during the year.


– Please join in offering super congrats to former vice-president and soothsayer Albert Gore for stopping Global Warming before it really took hold. Mr. Gore has beaten Mother Nature at her own game.


The seas, Mr. Gore predicted at the cusp of Y2K, would rise precipitously, the polar ice caps would melt, hurricanes would increase in intensity and frequency, and destruction was a certainty for civilization unless something was done. He did something and stopped all that mayhem.


Believers joined Mr. Gore in buying up scarce Carbon Offsets. Hollywood came to his aid with cash and second-rate movies. He was paid handsomely to spread his gospel, defeating Mother Nature. What a feat! The Nobel Peace Prize, it seems, was presented to him in anticipation of his coming greatness.


Today we see the North American Continent, the Artic, Antarctica, Europe and Eurasia are in the throes of what could be the start of a new Ice Age. The Arctic shelf is now full of more ice than it had 20 years ago. Polar Bears are thriving. Loved ones in Alaska have been enjoying snow and ice of unprecedented quantities with temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit – Brrr! Thank you, Al!


– Regarding other Real World events, I’ve pondered the defeated GOP Presidential Nominee John McCain. I’m certain he was not a good candidate and his campaign never missed a chance to fail. The jury is still out on whether he would have been a good chief executive. Regarding President-elect Barack Hussein Obama, so far not much; it can only get better. He’s a horse that may not make three furlongs.


–The Gov. Sarah Palin detractors continue to be consumed by the Green Eyed Monster for all she is and has done. The remaining, once powerful feminists are haggard, unfulfilled old broads, still braying into the wind, longing to have half of what Governor Palin enjoys in her life and family. Go get’em, Sarah. Hope to see you real soon!


– Blow those Rams Horns, Children of Israel. You better achieve major gains against Hamas. You soon may lose your only real friend and ally. We were late in coming to your aid after your statehood was approved by the United Nations in 1948. A day later your neighbors began the quest for your death and destruction.


Israeli leadership must demonstrate it understands victory is destroying the enemies’ ability to wage war. Israel is the only hope of the Palestinian people and must not be punished for defending against suicide bombers and daily rocket barrages.


– It is shameful and professional dereliction for the mainstream print and electronic media, including the once impeccable Associated Press, to use its daily news feeds to defend terrorist groups like Hamas, Al Aqsa, Hezbollah and their ilk. It must be fashionable.


– Let’s send thanks and hope for final victory in 2009 to the men and women serving in the war zones of Southwest Asia, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t forget those who serve on our warships at sea and in so many other faraway assignments, including the Naval and Marine Corps station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Keep a special place in your heart for Fort Detrick personnel who are serving in harm’s way. Find a way to support their family members and thank them for their service, too. May God Bless.


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