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February 13, 2009

Life Ainít Always Beautiful

Joe Charlebois

During the past two years our country has taken a turn on to an unmapped and rocky road. Our financial institutions have left us practically faithless in their ability to operate soundly.


Some of our neighbors have loaded their vehicles with their clothing and TV’s and filled rented moving vans with furniture and children’s toys late in the evening leaving the empty shell of a foreclosed house.


We know more and more people whose jobs are either lost – or in jeopardy of being lost – as the once credit happy public has realized that debts do need to be repaid.


When one takes a look at the dilemma we are in, they need to realize that we are just a blip on the timeline of world history. We are just a blip on the country’s relatively young timeline. Times have been worse, times have been better.


Our leaders were just a decade into governance when challenged by Britain. Our country survived the slaughter of brother at the hand of brother in the Civil War. Our country has seen the true despair of an actual depression in the first half of last century. Our country has survived the fasting and rationing that accompanied the World War II years. We survived the turmoil of the fight for equal rights for all. We have survived the loss of thousands of young men and women in an ill attempt to thwart the rise of communism in South East Asia. We have survived far worse than what we see now.


What we don’t realize is how lucky we have it. Some fight to survive literally.


A good friend of mine, John Miller, is currently at the University of Maryland Medical Center with head injuries sustained from a two-story fall. The fall was due to the collapse of the scaffolding that supported him while doing renovations at the Banner School on Monday.


John is in critical – but stable – condition as I write this. He will be sedated for the next few days as doctors attempt to assess his injuries. John is a parent leader with our Cub Scout Pack 799 and is always the first to volunteer to help. We as a community will be there to volunteer to help him and his family, as he has done for us.


John is a fighter and he, his wife and son have taken their own turn onto an unmapped and rocky road. It may be a different road than many of our neighbors have taken in the past year, but we’ll be there to help smooth the way, and provide the light.


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