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August 5, 2002

A Prayer For Frederick

Mike Kuster

Lord, I give thanks today for Your Many Blessings.

I thank You, Lord, for sparing me the embarrassment of being elected to a board who spend inordinate amounts of time debating issues of no importance to their constituents.

I thank You, Lord, for providing the citizens of The City of Frederick with the patience to tolerate their AlderMEN.

Lord, I pray for Your Blessings on each and every Board of Aldermen Meeting. For, though they may pray before meeting, civility will not result.

Lord, forgive those who would force religion upon a population through legislation. They forget that religion is believing, not merely acting as dictated by law.

Lord, forgive those who judge and condemn others for respecting the rights of all to chose to believe in You.

And, Lord, forgive those who chastise a person for showing her love for You by wearing The Cross.

Lord, Bless all of us, especially our elected officials, with the wisdom to do what is right and just for ALL people.


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