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August 2, 2002

Taxes, Count 'em

Lee Marshall

Let's see. The Ever Lovin' Mare bumped up the real estate taxes. Oh, Donna, Marcia and Joe liked it. Bill Hall and Dave Lenhart didn't.

Then we got the cable television surcharge, Oh, Donna, Marcia and Joe liked it. Bill and Dave didn't like it.

Now we're getting the water and sewer rate increases. Oh Donna, who couldn't have done it alone, proposes the deal with the lame excuse that she is helping the low-end users. Such concern for we poor devils who have tried to save water, paid our bills on time and now find that our efforts are being rewarded with more Democratic taxes.

We've said it before, Democrats never saw a tax they didn't like. We continue to reward failure by our elected officials and paid bureaucrats in Silly Hall. It is a good bet that by the time this mayor and board come up for re-election, they will have covered up their malfeasance in office and some voters will be fooled again.

I saw one of The Ever Lovin' Mare's bumper stickers yesterday and spat at the notion of "A Fresh Approach." Yep, she's "fresh," and may go down in history as one of the most corrupt mayors to ever occupy Frederick's top office.

Jon Angell and his staff at Silly Hall said the real estate tax increases were "essentially flat" and we had to overcome it with the tax increase. The Ever Lovin' Mare and her board, minus Bill Hall and Dave Lenhart, thought this was their chance to raises taxes without any significant political damage.

It's just a little two cent increase that doesn't mean much in the big picture, they told us. Just more dribs and drabs. There was no real public outcry, probably because after the fact, the citizens know any real objections would amount to tossing a bucket of water into the wind.

No building permits are being issued so real estate tax income projections are expected to be way down, so let's cover our butts by raising taxes and no one will notice that we brought it on ourselves through the elected leadership. Wrong word, not leadership, bulls in the china shop. They don't tiptoe on anything, they crush it.

The Ever Lovin' Mare says the staff is right on the mark with its projections, except that it doesn't know what to do with monies received from the water and sewer users. It just guesses what account to use each day. A few million bucks can't be accounted for in the water-sewer taxing districts.

Whatever happened to accountability for Mr. Angell, the Silly Hall money guru, who apparently hasn't had any problems receiving his pay check and benefits in recent years?

Obviously, right now we can't fight and win against Silly Hall. We just must stand and wait, deal with our frustration and anger, because any effort to recall the votes tabulated last November could be dragged out over the next three-plus years.

There was every reason to believe that The Ever Lovin' Mare and Oh Donna would do exactly as they have done, turning the city into squabbling, aimless burg. Alderman Marcia Hall, whom we never dreamt would be elected, is indeed the "Orphan of the Storm" lost in every discussion, but following the lead of her mentor, The Ever Lovin' Mare.

Alderman Bill Hall and Dave Lenhart are the odd men out in this dis-administration. You can bet that if The Ever Lovin' Mare receives an invitation for her and the board, Bill and Dave may not learn about it. For example, Bill and Dave didn't know they had been invited to the Korean War commemoration ceremony at Memorial Grounds Park last week. The Ever Lovin' Mare kept that to her close circle of Oh Donna and Marcia.

Such is the practice and it's no wonder Bill has trouble controlling himself. He was cut out of the hiring process for The Ever Lovin' Mare's personal staff but most of all in selection of the new police chief, Maj. Kim Dine.

Certainly The Ever Lovin' Mare has the upper hand with Bill on the run, but the worm may turn. Bill may walk out again, recover his composure, and return with the right words. He and Dave are certainly correct that so far we have a muddling of the executive and legislative branches of our government. There are no checks and balances yet.

We worried that Bill didn't do his homework, but we've learned that the Ever Lovin' Mare and staff aren't real speedy about sharing copies of information on any deal at hand. That's the controlling instinct of bureaucrats and the Ever Lovin' Mare, who believes she is the end all and be all of the City of Frederick.

It is extremely frustrating to be a citizen of Frederick these days. I wonder if as an alderman I could keep my cool in the face of such shameful goings on in Silly Hall. I just have to rework the old budget here and try to guess which tax increase will come next.

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