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As Long as We Remember...

November 12, 2008

Just Bustin’ Out All Over

Tom McLaughlin

It was as if a massive salt water wave swept over the country and washed away all of the hate and intolerance. I felt cleansed, jubilant and am still high from the November 4 election results. No more African-Americans, or Chinese-Americans, or Native Americans. We are all Americans.


Friends from around the world have e-mailed. From the U.K., Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Canada, all voicing congratulations. They are so happy to be rid of George W. Bush and the Republicans. Now, most feel they will have an approachable sensible government.


In the spirit of reconciliation, I removed the Obama signs from my yard after the election. I peeled off the bumper stickers. I smiled; and I am still smiling at everyone.


Those I have met in Middletown and here on the Eastern Shore, who voted for Arizona Sen. John McCain, seem to be caught up in the up mood. Oh, there are those who said to me "we shall see." I told them everyone must pitch in to help change things. When the scowl continued, I smiled at them and felt sorry for their miserable lives filled with sour emotions and eager to make others as unhappy as they are.


I am also so proud of Jennifer Dougherty and her campaign. She worked so hard and was so gracious in defeat. I saw her after the election and told her so. There are two campaigns I have worked for that – to me – stand above the others: George McGovern's and hers.


She has a lot to be proud of. She garnered 107,000 votes and introduced future candidates, currently in their teens, to the world of local politics. I know these high school and college students will step up to take over our government. I will sleep well at night knowing they are in charge. What a great and wonderful experience I had!


Here on the Eastern Shore, thousands of blacks have arisen from fear and apathy to vote – not only for Barack Obama – but determined the election for Congressman-elect Frank Kratovil. Historically they did not vote. But now they can rejoice in two victories: Mr. Kratovil and President-elect Obama.


Sorry governor and Congressman Steny Hoyer. You and your friends and the money can't take credit for Frank's election. Without the black vote, Andy Harris would have been elected.


The future looks so bright! Almost like John Kennedy. A young man, a beautiful family and a new puppy. What a great rebirth for America!


Me? No, I don't have a cushy job in Washington or on the Eastern Shore. I will be traveling the world reporting for and other publications in far flung places, exotic locales and backwaters written about in National Geographic. Europe? Done that! The Orient is my bailiwick.


My 19-year-old daughter will be attending Frederick Community College and staying in my Middletown home. I am so proud of her and know my property will be in safe hands.


Like the song goes "Just bustin' out all over!"


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