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As Long as We Remember...

November 6, 2008

Democrats Get Their Turn

Chris Cavey

Election Day 2008 was a depressing, gut-wrenching day for the Republican Party. The citizens of the United States continued their flogging of the party of Lincoln with the ongoing removal of Republican seats from both chambers of Congress, and a rejection of their candidate for president, John McCain.


Over the course of the campaign no opponent ever said Senator McCain was not experienced enough to be president. Never was his love of country or leadership abilities called into question. Only but a few of his core issues were ever argued or taken to task.


This man of honor was positioned to be president; it was his time – a time when many seemingly wanted a steady, more mature hand on the tiller and experienced eyes on watch in the White House. Yet America voted for a change.


The change is visual as you look at the national electoral vote map. States that were historically Republican red turned to toss-up gray and later were added to the Democrat totals as they morphed to light blue. Within theses states you could see the bleeding of blue from county to county as America’s shifting population became convinced to change.


The Democrat blue gains leached from the historically deep blue urban areas into many suburban areas, some for the first time in a generation. The mantra for this election was “turnout” and those driving the vote in the dense population areas performed their jobs well.


Battleground states became those states where urban population fanned out into the previously red neighborhoods of the suburbs. The wave of population shift continued until it was disbursed into the red meat rural areas. Now diffuse and evenly seeded into those much broader areas.


The notion of change was easy to sell to urban and former urban dwellers. No one has been unaffected by the war or the economy. Everyone knows of someone with a problem, and everyone is in search of hope and an easy solution.


The Democratic Party through hard work (giving credit where it belongs), lots of money and with help from their friends in the media brought more people to the polls then did the Republicans. They drove their vote on the need to change.


Few people are better off in this economy than four years ago. They had an articulate candidate with charismatic flare to project the message. All that was left was to tie all Republicans to the problem, a job the media handled with zeal and relish.


Republican seats in the House and Senate fell like stones dropped into a deep blue sea, and the citizens of multiple states “cleaned house” as the battle cry for change washed over into the legislative branch of our government in Washington. It will now be the Democratic Party’s turn to be solely responsible for the mistakes of the near future.


In years past the economy has tanked. No one likes losing investment money or retirement funds. There were times when interest rates were out of control and few people invested in America. The financial market always corrects itself over time.


As we proceed into this new chapter of U.S. history, the political system will at some point make another correction, just as it did this week. Hopefully all will survive the rhetoric. Doubtfully this current change will ruin our way of life.


With a little luck and a much needed re-branding, the Republican Party will spring back to life just in time to clean up any mistakes. I’m looking forward to 2010 and beyond.


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