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November 3, 2008

Predicting The Result

Steven R. Berryman

I have no crystal ball, but considering the events upcoming on Election Day, I feel compelled to prognosticate aloud. John McCain and Sarah Palin will be your next president and vice president of the United States of America. And here’s why:


The widely regurgitated “polling data” flowing ceaselessly from the orifices that are our mainstream media is thoroughly corrupted. The purpose of propagandizing these misdirecting results is to keep YOU from the polls!


This is accomplished by simple manipulation of the polls to make the Republican faithful – but marginal – voters become disillusioned enough to stay home and sulk preemptively instead of casting a meaningful ballot.


Reportedly, the Barack (Barry) Hussein Obama campaign has spent campaign war chest money of $21 million on conducting polls, ostensibly to find out how various strategies are working out. With this magnitude of financial outlay, finding the results you are seeking is a forgone conclusion. Pollsters are not stupid.


Consider: Subtle manipulation to the methodology of polling can swing results to be anything you wish: Is the question formed in the affirmative or in the negative? What is your exact definition of “likely to vote?” How do you poll by land-line phone when an odd mixture of the population has given that up and relies on cell phones, pda’s, and Internet phones? This is impossible to separate out by age demographic or by locality.


Additionally, one can manipulate where to ask, who to ask, and how to ask. The science of manipulation is far more sophisticated than efforts to insure fairness of result.


And just what is “margin of error,” widely reported to add statistical prowess? This one is a total guess, calculated who-knows-how, in order to report how reliable a poll result is.


That’s a good one. What we really need is a margin of error statistic for the margins of errors themselves! Perhaps a 218% margin of error for the 4% margin of error would be appropriate?


So, don’t believe the polls!


Even with the McCain Campaign being outspent by more than 5 to 1 in the outrageously accumulated advertising dollars, there is almost no significant spread in the aggregate lead of either candidate in the hundreds of polls available. This tells me that there are many citizens with propped-up allegiance, and possibly with very short attention spans.


The above windfall of cash enabled, as the Democrat went back on his word on campaign financing – expediently – in an inadvertent preview to a governing style; the ends justify the means.


Many will make that borderline final decision for president – the “hold your nose” decision – waiting in a voting line, this without benefit of the infomercials of the friendly Barack Obama Big Brotherish smirk looking down upon his potential subjects. He knows what’s best for you…


"The final catching up by McCain on November 4th, the only poll that matters, will be a new hi-water mark for "the Bradley effect," this undetected change based more upon the human instinct of self preservation by our citizens than by any Oprah Winfrey produced video cuts produced for Obama."


The big call is…that there will not be a clear winner on election night, and it will remain too close to call. This eventuality itself is a de facto victory by Senator McCain, long written off by the evident media bias.


The reports of McCain’s demise are greatly exaggerated in a Trumanesque fashion!


Pending cases of voter fraud, system failures at polling places and  lost – or disqualified – ballots all will come into play…and the courts will be the final arbiters. Figure on waiting two months for the big party, at the expense of much expended patience.


Some suits are already on file. Look for challenges in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.


In the final voting moments, perhaps one citizen in 10 will suffer some remorse, causing a change in predicted ballot cast.


Some will visualize life under a president old and white, angry and crippled, not-so-conservative and a recovered adulterer.


Some will visualize life under a president young and black, radical and egotistical, hopeful, but with socialist leaning, that would rather be smoking a cigarette in his leather jacket with a revolutionary than having a beer with you.


It’s his experience and knowledge in a world more dangerous than ever for America now that will pull the election out for Senator McCain in the end.


The alternative, while youthful and hopeful, an Obama presidency would clue the world in to an America desperate for change simply for the sake of change. That signal alone would invite danger upon us all.


Now, I’m not a Merlin the magician, or even a “Joe the Plummer,” but…I am Steve the Estimator. Really!


We’ll see you at Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s victory party at Beef O’Brady’s Restaurant Tuesday night. After you vote.


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