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October 28, 2008

Unqualified To Be President Part 2

Maude Franceschina

In yesterday’s column, I recited a litany of reasons Sen. Barack Obama is unqualified to be President of The United States. Today I’ll expand on that.


Senator Obama of Illinois, the Democratic Party nominee, has not done anything that would warrant his becoming president. Let me state the obvious: if Senator Obama was not black, he would not be the nominee.


Imagine a white man with his experience. Would he have the nomination of the Democratic Party? Even better, imagine if he were a black man who was a conservative. Do you think that he would get away with his string of radical friends? No way!


As to the current economic crisis, the mainstream media is now saying that the mortgage meltdown had nothing to do with the problem. They are concerned that the dots connect right to Senator Obama and his involvement with the groups pressuring banks to make risky loans.


Never has there been such blatant cover-up by the media. Never have we seen such bias. They have abandoned all semblance of evenhandedness, and they are going all out to persuade the public to elect Senator Obama.


Skewer conservatives, but liberals are off limits. Recently the Democrat congressman who replaced the disgraced Mark Foley, and promised a more moral government, was found to have paid a mistress $120,000 to be quiet…but no mention of it yet on the network evening news. The "free press" in our nation has become as propagandized as Al-Jazeera or CNN.


We are experiencing the after effects of at least two disastrous Democratic presidencies right now. Jimmy Carter, who signed the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977, which encouraged banks to make loans to the "underprivileged" (people of a minority class who evidently are not allowed to get a job or better themselves and therefore can't afford to repay).


And Bill "The Boinker" Clinton, who allowed banks to turn those loans over more quickly to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It has been reported that if the banks did not present an acceptable percentage of minority loans, that they could be put under pressure by the Attorney General.


Republicans should have put a stop to this, but the political risks were no doubt daunting. They would most certainly be labeled "racist," or worse, for wanting to allow banks to refuse to make these unsecured loans. The complicit media would have had a field day.


Remember, this is the same media that gives Congressman Charlie Rangel (D., NY) a pass when he didn’t report his income properly even though he writes the tax law. Again, imagine if he were a Republican.


It was government intrusion in the markets (forced lending practices) in the first place that caused this mess. Does any right-minded person really believe that more government intrusion will fix this, especially in light of the fact that it is the same guys who made the mess that are currently "fixing" it [Congressman Barney Frank (D., MA), Sen. Chris Dodd (D., CT), et al]?


Does anyone believe that with a Democrat (and Saul Alinsky-styled social engineer) like Senator Obama in the White House that our financial system will ever be privatized again?


In the world we face today, Sen. John McCain (R., AZ) is the only choice. He was not my first choice. If Senator Obama wins, Congressman Nancy Pelosi (D., CA) and the Democrats will ruin small business in America.


This is a dangerous world and one in which we cannot afford to make the mistake of accepting an affirmative action hire for the top spot.


In this election we are voting for a president. Experience matters. The presidency is too important for someone to be cutting their teeth in the position. With 143 days (before announcing his bid for president) in the Senate) is Barack Obama really even sure how the government actually works? Could he identify his own office furniture at a yard sale? I doubt it. This summer, I asked at his office how long it had been since he was there and the staff just laughed.


If Senator Obama wins, I am buying a gun to protect myself and my family from the government. If Senator McCain wins, Saturday Night Live will be fun to watch again.


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