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As Long as We Remember...

October 27, 2008

Unqualified To Be President Part 1

Maude Franceschina

Okay, I have had enough. I would like to know how the majority of Americans are missing what is as plain as the nose on their faces.


Sen. Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, is a radical. Listen to his speeches and you will hear his extreme "community organizer" tendencies come through loud and clear. He has tried to sound centrist, but he misses the mark if you listen even a little closely.


He talks of "getting in your neighbor's face" and "sharing the wealth." He speaks of giveaways of untold amounts of our tax dollars to the "middle class" and "95% of Americans" (half of whom do not even pay income taxes now). He preys on white guilt and plays the typical radical game of class warfare.


What people fail to understand is that the radical idea of a perfect society is a two-tiered system, the super-rich supremacist and everyone else. The super-rich supremacists, people like George Soros and Herb and Marion Sandler, most of Hollywood's elite, and people who live on their millions and can list their actual work income as “none,” since they do not actually earn any more, are not affected by Senator Obama's tax hikes. Only people who are actually working for a living are impacted.


The supremacist – and Senator Obama considers him one of them as he is so much wiser than the rest of us – will decide what is best for the rest of us.


Those people, who are actually working and, God forbid, running a business, or earning what Senator Obama considers to be "more than their share," need to be punished.


What the poor minority population does not realize is that the government handouts and nanny system are what keeps them down, if they are down. It is in the fabric of the left and particularly the radical left, of which Senator Obama is a part, to fan the flames of discontent…. to appeal to the sense of "fairness."


Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and the left continue to dumb down our schools, so that our children come out with a liberal theology and a lack of understanding of the very freedoms they are losing.


I have heard Senator Obama make speeches, which inferred that he would take his community organizer act to the White House, the same act that he used with ACORN to pressure banks to make home loans to people who could not afford to pay. He will use this approach to "work with" the insurance industry to create a (disastrous) government-run health care plan. He and Congressman Nancy Pelosi (D., CA) will dictate what kind of car you can drive and how big your house should be. Senator Obama promised this group (it is on tape) that they would be invited to help shape his administration's policy and determine the direction of the country.


Senator Obama stated in a speech recently that we "have all been living above our means." Well, I have news for him. Not all of us have. Some of us have been responsible, paid our bills on time and did not buy a house we could not afford. We will be punished for this, of course. In the new government system, responsibility for one’s self is not enough. The Messiah has decided we are no longer able to make decisions for ourselves.


Senator Obama is a scary man. He was educated on our dime. From what he has said, I gather that he received scholarships of various sorts that my children will not have access to because of the color of their skin. I am still curious as to why he has not released his undergraduate transcripts. Not that it matters. He has markedly under-performed in every position he has held.


After his higher education, and a brief stint working in "enemy territory," as he refers to the corporate world in his own book Dreams from My Father," he sought out the radical left in Chicago to become a "community organizer." He and the Kool-Aid drinkers make this sound so noble.


How is it noble to accept a $300,000 discount on your home from a crook, to work with groups like ACORN, which have proven time and again to be corrupt and partisan, and to work closely with William Ayers to funnel money to ACORN and other radical groups that was intended for education? Senator Obama distributed millions of dollars while in positions that involved no accountability. Tell me how that is noble? The schools in the Chicago area Mr. Ayers and Mr. Obama funneled money into are still failing.


Do you really ask someone you "hardly know" to help you give out tons of grant money? William Ayers asked Senator Obama to work with him to distribute the Annenberg grant.


William Ayers was pictured standing on the American Flag after 9/11 saying: "I don't regret the bombings. I feel we didn't do enough."


Did Senator Obama really get through all of that schooling without learning to read? Are the majority of Americans really buying the line that he "did not know" about Mr. Ayers (or whatever the line of the day is)?


That’s the same excuse he used for the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Father Michael Pfleger, etc. From his TelePrompTer performances, I somewhat doubt that he lacks the ability to read. William Ayers, Senator Obama's friend, is of the Blame America First crowd, as is the Reverend Wright. As are many of his most ardent financial supporters.


Senator Obama would have us believe that due to his Messiah status; he was above all of this. He would have us believe that for 20 years he could only hear the chorus of adoring angels in his head as his pastor said things like "God Damn America" and incited hate between the races.


He would have us believe that he joined a "church" that was based not on the Bible, but on black theology without noticing. The "church" web page has been taken down from the Internet the last I checked. It was quite interesting. It spelled out clearly the goals and priorities of the church; and its commitment to race was clearly the first priority over any commitment to Christ.


He would have us believe that the Reverend Wright, the man he called his "spiritual mentor," was someone – it turns out – he doesn’t really know that well. Remember, Senator Obama himself said he went to church “every Sunday.” Later, after the Wright revelations, he changed that to a much less frequent attendance.


Why do all of his associations, and outright alliances, matter so much? Because, when you get down to it, that is really all he has.


Tomorrow, I’ll continue with my case against Senator Obama’s election as President of The United States.


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