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September 25, 2008

From Whence Cometh This Star Status

Chris Cavey

There is a growing phenomenon that is taking the United States by storm – The Palin Effect. You can recognize this new occurrence by the renewed and intense interest in national politics by the overall female population.


The dream of every political handler is to have the highest possible name recognition for his or her candidate. When you can attain 100 percent name recognition with just a first name alone, you have attained “political heaven.”


Last week in Fairfax City, VA, there were an estimated 40,000 people chanting “Sar-rah, Sar-rah.” It was deafening. Rock star quality chanting. The citizens of Virginia were hungry to see the lady governor from Alaska and most, in attendance, were female.


Gov. Sarah Palin has attained superstardom. She joins the ranks of single name monikers such as Oprah, Madonna, Britney and Pink. Go anywhere and you can start a conversation about “Sarah.”


She has had an unbelievable rise in name identification, from an obscure governor to superstar in just a few weeks. Why did this happen? After all the Democrats sent “Hillary” packing.


Several months ago volumes were written about the “Hillary Effect.” Rumors have it that House Democrats didn’t want to have to run with the New York senator on the top of the ticket. Stories abounded about a mean-spirited, hard-core, cutthroat campaign. It was a “my way or the highway” campaign.


Sen. Hillary Clinton was perceived as a professional politician who had “been there and done that.” She was dragging around eight years of “Bubba baggage,” and most of us thought during those years she wore the pants in the First Family. (No pun intended.)


“Sarah” is different.


Ladies across the United States feel that one of them has finally been lifted into the long awaited spotlight, like taking a member of their women’s club and tapping their shoulder to lead them and eventually the free world. It’s your turn, girlfriend!


Governor Palin is an everyman – or more accurately – an everywoman. She is your neighbor who made the big time, hit the political lottery – yes, finally got that female recognition which was long awaited and long needed.


Unlike other single name political females, Sarah Palin covers all the bases. She has outreach to the working moms of the world. This lady can govern and take care of the kids in the executive office at the same time.


She is tough enough to gut a caribou and tough enough to birth children. She hunts and fishes and still understands the pain of a mother sending her son off to war. She is a businesswoman, mother, wife and a woman proud of her accomplishments. Plus, she knows how to smile and be feminine.


Across the fair State of Maryland the demand for political chum has multiplied one hundred fold. Signs with McCain/Palin are leaving our various county headquarters faster than we can order them. The Great Frederick Fair used up about 200 lawn signs each day. Twenty-three hundred signs just arrived in Baltimore County and doubtfully they will last two weeks!


The demand for anything McCain/Palin is unbelievable because it’s all about a new glimmer of female hope. Hillary fans are marching across the aisle everyday, young moms are getting interested, and professional and business women know that this is their shot at breaking into the last bastion of the good ‘ole boy system.


The Democrats have chosen the path of ignoring approximately 50 percent of the voting population by throwing Senator Clinton from the train in favor of Sen. Barack Obama. He – in turn – has opted to choose a member of Washington’s business-as-usual establishment, while preaching change.


If the current momentum continues, there will be dramatic change in Washington and Sarah Palin will prove a lot of ladies to be correct – behind every good man is a woman – but only for the next two terms. Then watch out. “The times, they will be a ‘changing!”


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