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September 24, 2008

Bush’s Crowd to Blame

Tom McLaughlin

For the past year the nation has been embroiled in a roller coaster ride of the economy brought about by President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and their cronies.


This economic nightmare lies in the culture and atmosphere of the Republican Party. The ethos will continue if Sen. John McCain is elected P\president.


When George Bush was elected for his first term, he ushered in a society that had no respect for regulation. It began with the invasion of Iraq and the contract awards to Halliburton and others.


It was quite obvious to everyone that Vice President Cheney, as the former head of Halliburton, had a conflict of interest – and it was ignored. There was no oversight or accountability on this corporation and on those who received illegal favoritism.


When nothing was done, despite protests, a signal was sent to the rest of corporate America that anything goes and we can do what we damn well please. Republicans who supported this attitude were placed in high positions in The Department of Justice, including the Attorney General’s office. Enforcement of regulations ceased.


The first obvious signs of problems surfaced with Enron. Modeling itself on the administration, actions were taken that were illegal; but the regulators were in the bosom of their executives. When the collapse did occur, nothing happened.


At the same time, the home mortgage lies and deceit were building. Incomprehensible documents, to most people, seemingly guaranteed achievement of the American dream. The mumbo-jumbo spewed by the vermin of this industry, backed up by seemingly Arabic script contracts, had many people convinced that this was all possible.


To compound matters, these mortgages were hidden – the polite word is bundled – in packages that were sold world wide. It was like selling a loaf of bread with the inside inhabited with blue green mold.


Even when the bubble became the size of the Goodyear blimp, regulators sat around and ignored the obvious. These trustees of the American people had been inculcated to allow business to do what it wants.


The atmosphere of lies, deceit and violation of laws spread out from Washington into other areas. Torture and the violation of the civil rights became common. Even if it became known, nothing of any substance was done. Donald Rumsfeld was allowed to run wild – like some maniacal king from the cuckoo’s nest.


Wall Street became the biggest importer of this atmosphere. Finally the blimp exploded and the true extent became known. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, and others, the list will continue to grown. Yet, nothing has been done.


Now that the financial world of the United States has imploded, Republicans still argue that the perpetrators of this mess be allowed to escape with a golden parachute. They also insist that benefits from the eventual profits, if any, be plowed back into the corporation and not back to the American people who have taken this risk. They continue business and philosophy as usual.


Senator McCain will allow this atmosphere to continue. Too many Republican friends – or friends of friends – are in power who will not allow a flushing of the government. He must return favors from those who assisted in his election. These include big business and lobbyists, who imported the atmosphere and applied it to their various causes.


Only the election of Sen. Barack Obama can cleanse. The appointed newcomers will fire those responsible for the stench. Enforcement of regulations will occur. Those responsible will be brought to trial, convicted and sent to the gallows.


Senator Obama's team will bring a high pressure system of cool air to Washington, a hurricane to wash away the stagnant pollution of the Bush years. They will march with rigorous indignation, much like the zeal of a missionary in deepest, darkest Africa to bring light and change to the government of my country.


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