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September 11, 2008

What’s The Difference?

Joan Marie Aquilino

A community activist, a freshman senator, with a huge resume of “present, yep I’m here” votes. What do you do, wake up one morning and say I’m a little bored today so – BAM – I think I’ll go run for president?


Nothing wrong with either job; but where‘s the meat. What has he accomplished other than deliver pretty speeches. What makes Barrack Obama someone we want to run our country? Get him off the teleprompter and it's backpedaling and stammering. When speaking off-the-cuff, he’s actually quite painful to listen to and watch.


Offering your view on abortion should not be above “your pay grade.” He’s all but admitted the surge worked, but he can’t be man enough to openly say he might have been wrong. What makes him who we’d want governing this county? Now he’s attacking the Republican vice presidential choice. What’s with that? Isn’t that Joe Biden‘s job? Too afraid to let the white man go after the chick?


Had I been forced, with no other choice and the world would end if I didn‘t vote, it would have been Hillary Clinton. She has the better judgment and is much better prepared to handle the job than Senator Obama.


Now coming onto the national scene as an unknown to the general public is Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska. She has a track record. She is not an unknown or inexperienced politician in her home state, nor to many far more involved in politics than I.


She is Sen. John McCain's choice for vice president; but – with the way the media and the Democrats are behaving – she is running for president or at the very least co-president.


Governor Palin has the Democrats and mainstream media in such a tizzy that they are throwing the baby out with the bath water. They can‘t handle the strength this woman offers. They’d rather label her the Wicked Witch of the (north) West than to get the facts first.


They used a similar term for Senator Clinton, too. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed another person raked over the coals as Governor Palin and, even worse, her family has been. In a two-week period she has been stripped down and paraded around naked, while Palin haters look for something – anything – to discredit her. How can you hate so quickly?


How dare a conservative, Republican, wife, and mother have voice and act on that voice. Shocking! Doesn't she know her place? The media would never dare attack Senator Obama in the same like manner.


Won’t she show herself in the next few weeks all by herself, one way or another, with interviews and debates? If she responds to a question saying it’s above her pay grade, what will the fallout be? Can she respond with only the word present and offer no reason?


She has the highest approval rating of any governor across the United States. Does that indicate that the citizens in Alaska aren’t smart enough to know what they want by putting this woman in their State House?


What a silly way to think – that maybe we’ve evolved enough to have both parents able to love and care for their children.


Amazing how Joe Biden, the Democrats vice presidential nominee, is raised up as a hero when he tragically lost his wife and son and was grieving. Yet many pushed him to accept and start his elected job with no expressed concern of “family.” If there ever was a time to take a step back and regroup that might have been it.


Is Joe Biden more of a parent than Mister or Governor Palin? Did Joe Biden remarry just to have someone to take care of his children? Did he remarry too soon?


Why isn’t Mr. Palin considered just as capable as Joe Biden to parent? I’m not judging Mr. Biden, or his parenting choices, but I am asking what the difference is? Today, either or both parents are equally capable of meeting the financial and emotional needs of a family.


Options and opportunity are out there for everyone – male or female. Is it not allowed to follow your own path to your goals, accomplishments and dreams? The loud and very public women’s rights road is not the one many of us followed. We are busy working and raising families instead of just talking. Our foremothers blazed many paths for us. It‘s our choice which one we take.


Are women so powerful in the media that men will do anything to stop us? Mainstream media goes after their own liberal females, so why expect anything less when faced with a strong, powerful, conservative woman. From the way the media is behaving it appears it feels more in control over a mixed race, mainstream, male candidate.


I point out Obama’s race because that seems so often lost, at least the white part of it. Does the white part get cancelled out because it's from the female side? Of course, that's silly, but no sillier than some of the comments coming out about Governor Palin.


The media can’t control Republicans of either gender, nor women in either party, so it settles for the mixed race man. The media is doing a disservice to everyone; and those gullible enough to take it as fact are just plain pathetic. Do the research. Listen to the facts. Watch the debates and weigh them all.


Burning Governor Palin at the stake prior to learning anything of substance is lazy reporting. Drop it in the public lap and see what sticks. Changing your mind about a bridge once you have more knowledge is not a court marshal offense. Judge her just like you would Senator Obama.


Oh, geez – I forgot – you didn’t judge the Illinois senator. You only judge the women and old white Republican men. Senator Obama gets a free ride for obvious reasons; he’s more easily media controlled.


Now to add insult to injury, we’ve got women turning on each other. I found out rather quickly once I joined the workforce that I would be accepted and thrive as long as I remained true to myself.


Maybe it was because I never believed it wasn’t equally my world, too. The women who had the most difficult transitions were the ones who came in with a grudge, chip on their shoulder or something to prove. The bull-in-a-china-shop approach accomplished nothing. Those who learned to put aside the role of victim and embrace that of survivor can find the respect that escapes many.


Did anyone give Margaret Thatcher a second thought? No! We’ve have many world leaders who happen to be women. America, get with it!


To all women, be survivors, never victims. Don’t accept the “No” or “Can‘t” comments. I will accept each and everyone as a human being. Your gender or race matters not to me. Your character, judgment, experience and values do.


Women have come so far, just as blacks and so many others have. This can be an election of firsts, or it can be one that sets equality back 50 years. We have race, mixed race and gender walls being knocked down. Doesn’t anyone want to celebrate that? It’s your choice. Will it be the gutter or the high road?


I personally hope Governor Palin takes us on the High Road.


’til next time . . .



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