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August 15, 2008

O’Malley Seeking Gold!

Katie Nash

Gov. Martin O’Malley should take a lesson from Baltimore super swimmer Michael Phelps. The governor is drowning and there is no life saver in sight.


Surely when his administration calls O’Malley’s tax and spend shenanigans a model of “fiscal responsibility” (reported by Matthew Brown, The (Baltimore) Sun, August 1, 2008), he is crying for some help to get back to the same planet we taxpayers call home.


Recently The Tax Foundation released an update on where Maryland falls in the national rankings of state and local tax burdens. The Tax Foundation is a national think tank that, for the last 18 years, has computed states’ tax burdens.


The methodology for computing the tax burden, according to the report, is as follows: the total taxes paid by residents divided by the total income in each state. The theory behind this figure is that it places the focus on the taxpayer rather than the taxes collected by municipalities. More information on The Tax Foundation can be found at:


The August “Special Report” highlights that Maryland has risen in the rankings and we have another reason to feel pride – and I don’t mean for raising Olympian Michael Phelps. Rising to position Number 4 from 5, Maryland now has the 4th highest state and local tax burden in the nation. New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut still beat us out respectively. Maryland moved California and Hawaii aside to rise up. It should come as no surprise that Maryland makes quite a name for herself with respect to tax burdens.


The report can be found at:


It should be pointed out that in 2006 Maryland was in 9th place – down significantly and falling fast from previous years. But then again, Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., Maryland first Republican governor in a generation (2003-2007), was also able to close a budget deficit and leave a billion dollar surplus to Governor O’Malley. Again, no surprises here that it took the Baltimore City Democrat just a year to move the state back to national prominence…in tax burden.


So, just like Michael Phelps, Martin O’Malley aspires to achieve and he won’t rest until he has the gold medal for raising taxes on the backs of Maryland taxpayers.


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