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August 6, 2008

Voting White

Tom McLaughlin

Race is – and will continue to be – a very big factor in the presidential election. Sen. Barack Obama has called for change; however, his skin color will be too much of a change for many. White, not John McCain, will win the election.


The elderly voters, who usually turn out in droves, will not be able to erase the years of prejudice inculcated into them since childhood. They will not be able to see past the racial barrier and climb over it to elect Senator Obama as president. Rather, they will prefer to cast their vote for a white man who they think they can trust, because, they perceive, he comes from a culture similar to their own.


There have been too many years of crime, drugs and horror stories that have come out of the cities to reinforce this fear. Combined with thousands of black men behind bars, continued stories of the welfare queens, and the circulation of rumors that Senator Obama’s religion is Islam will cause them to vote white. To them, there is nothing more fearful than a Black Muslim as president.


The youth vote, like in the past, will continue to be unreliable. They say they will vote for Senator Obama, have his bumper sticker on their cars and proudly wear the sticker on their clothes. However, like in previous elections, they will not go to the polls, preferring to download music to their computers, or forget to change their registration to their college campus town.


The middle – and rising middle – class will be mixed. Although they say they will vote for Senator Obama, the vote will split between the candidates. Many have had a positive work experience and relationship with African Americans to ignore the color barrier. Others have accepted the gospel of their parents and grandparents.


The working class and the rainbow minus the blacks will also vote white. There has been too much competition for jobs and they foresee an end to the affirmative action policies under a “President” McCain. Coupled with the continued tension between blacks and Hispanics, the fear factor will elect a white man, not John McCain, as president.


The polls are – and will be – wrong. Many, many people say they will vote for Senator Obama, walk into the booth and cast their vote for white. To assuage their guilt, upon leaving they will tell the exit polls they voted for Senator Obama.


This will throw the television predictions into chaos and lead to charges and counter charges as people try to sort out the results. Many, many people will go to their death swearing they voted for Senator Obama, when in reality they voted white.


I hope I am wrong. I pray I am wrong. I will work hard for Senator Obama to prove I am wrong. I urge everyone to ignore the polls and contact each voter, one by one to prove I am wrong. This is a call to action, my friends! On Election Day eve, I will gladly eat a dinner of curried crow.


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