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August 1, 2008

The Better Man

Roy Meachum

Someone please explain when two candidates are in a race, why do we call our choice the "best" man? According to various faiths and sects, the only certifiably best man wound up crucified in one form or another.


In ancient Egypt, leading god Osiris suffered dissection; his vital pieces and parts scattered here or there along the banks of the Nile. His son, Horus by name, received veneration for putting his pa's parts and pieces back together again.


That's what the present presidential election is all about.


Never has the United States been so bedraggled, desperate and divided; not even in the years directly preceding the Great War for Southern Independence, as it's sometimes called.


In the main, in the mid-19th century the nation was split in two unequal parts: the North had the machinery and the money. The states south of Maryland teetered on the edge of bankruptcy; slavery was only one of their problems.


Now the whole country trembles economically. The government wages an internal Civil War over Iraq: in poll after poll some 70 percent of the population wants young Americans out, together with the U.S. pocketbook. Yet White House loyalist John McCain's surveys show him a little more than a heartbeat off Barack Obama.


Republican flacks yell louder than ever that the Democratic candidate presumptive has little experience; they claim their man is infinitely more qualified. Voters buy that premise. The Naval Academy grad's credentials are burnished by the long years in captivity he spent in the Hanoi Hilton. I simply don't understand why.


In understanding the position they both seek, it would seem to make more sense that the senator from Illinois invested 12 years teaching law. No one in the legal fraternity takes lightly the University of Chicago Law School. Senator Obama's erstwhile students informed media that they studied and debated issues that turned up in his campaign. U. of C. Law accepts only those who rank high in undergraduate grades and tests. They ain't no dummies!


Nor are they all Democrats. They come from states that have remained GOP since the party was initially organized in nearby Ripon, Wisconsin. Fortunately for Senator Obama, Illinois – especially the Chicago region – boasts more voters registered in the organization that gives fealty to Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, as he does.


Trusting his former students' appraisal of what they heard in Lecturer Obama's classes, his policies and platform may be the best "vetted" in American political history. So why is his candidacy not running away with the polls, leaving Senator McCain back in the dust?


Given that 30 percent of voters are "Yellow Dog" Republicans, who will vote for anyone who wears a GOP badge, we are left to ponder about the 15 percent, more or less, that do not want Barack Obama in the Oval Office.


Some are certainly racists; they can look no further than the Illinois senator's skin and hair. Some may even register in the census as African Americans. They exude jealousy that a "brother" has reached so close to the White House. The jealousy rages with envy in some "old" Civil Rights leaders like Jesse Jackson.


Regardless of their reasons, I find near-impossible that anyone, registered Republicans aside, would want to continue in the direction that contributed in a major way to exposing the nation's lack of international military supremacy; that piled up the biggest annual deficit in U.S. history and that instigated a world-wide depression.


For John McCain, it's time to stand and salute: to prove he's not the fly-by-night politician that George W. Bush's campaign painted him four years back. In righting his image he is, at least, wronging his fellow Americans.


In my long life and a life-long study of history, I never encountered a president more remiss in taking care of this country. Fortunately for his family, opponents gained control of Capitol Hill only two years ago; the bases for impeachment charges against George W. Bush run sky-high.


The indictments for the brazen partisan way the U.S. attorneys were replaced are only the latest. To kiss off the highest budget deficit ($480 billion) to the incentive checks mailed to about one-third of the nation reeks to high heaven.


And still the bases for impeachment charges mount.


While dodging and ducking questions are not what Barack Obama's supporters want to see him do, there is a crying need to get this "better man" elected. Choosing instead for the serio-comic figure cut by John McCain assures chaos and partisan stupidity.


And these United States have had enough of that.


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