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As Long as We Remember...

August 1, 2008

Clothespin Voters

Edward Lulie III

Clothespin sales must be booming. It isn’t that people are suddenly turning off clothes dryers and using wind and sunlight to dry clothes. No, this isn’t about saving electricity or energy. It’s all about politics.


In November we will elect either Sen. Barack Obama (IL) or Sen. John McCain (AZ). Either could win. For Senator McCain, it comes down to one question: How many voters will put a clothespin on their nose and vote for him despite the fact they really don’t like him?


I’m serious. This is the election of the clothespin voter, those who will hold their nose and cast a ballot for John McCain, all the while wishing they had a choice.


Okay, you say they can stay home. That’s really a vote for Senator Obama, who comes from the land where dead Democrats defeated Richard Nixon in 1960. Count on them all coming out in droves this fall, working hard for the socialist’s choice in 2008.


Yet even with 100% voter turnout in some precincts, and all voting for Senator Obama as well, it may still not be enough to make “history.” John McCain may win anyway.


The writing is already on the wall. Smart Democrats would start nodding and agreeing that Senator Obama is going to lose. Why?


Because if the word gets out that Senator Obama will lose, many of the clothespin voters will stay home on Election Day. The left won’t.


This is a crusade to end the Bush years, to save the planet from Global Warming, to stop the war in Vietnam. (Don’t confuse them with reality; they will not appreciate it). This is the left’s chance to make history. They are motivated; they are angry; they are desperate.


That is pretty much why many voters who do not like John McCain will grab a clothespin and vote for him anyway. Americans generally like split government, with no party in complete control.




Because the things the left dreams of doing scares most Americans. That’s why the left lies about their plans. Most Americans do not want the United Nations deciding our energy policy, or our right to own guns or property. That scares them every bit as much as the left desires it.


The left, of course, is convinced that – with just a few years of progressive improvements – the nation will learn to love them. They honestly believe the vast regions of the country that hates the politics of Washington and/or San Francisco will come around and admire the improvements they so desperately want to make. Yes, it’s about change; but change isn’t always good. But don’t tell the left that.


Most Voters do not want “change” the way the left does. They don’t, they won’t and no matter how many ways the media tries to conceal that fact from themselves, the fact is that the majority of voters do not want the changes promised (or the ones concealed) that the left is planning come the election of “President” Obama.


The country pretty much knows this; they don’t trust Senator Obama. That’s why most Americans may grab a clothespin and vote for John McCain.


I would dearly love to market a bumper sticker with an image of a man holding his nose and saying “I’m Voting for McCain!” That’s where I think this election is heading. I already have my clothespin ready. Have you gotten your own yet?


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