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As Long as We Remember...

July 21, 2008

The Enemy Within

Steven R. Berryman

Vacationing in Bethany Beach, Delaware, took me past the iconic sub-watch towers, still positioned as they were during World War II, standing guard at the shoreline. These fortified cylindrical monoliths at one time dotted the East Coast from Maine to Florida, protecting our borders from invasion.


The standing armies and navies of the Axis powers were once assumed to be capable of breaching the Atlantic to invade our American homeland. This, of course, never happened as we took the fight to our enemies first.


Today we have something we did not have at the outset of that war, a standing military of significant size, brilliantly outfitted and prepared. We have foreign outposts and flotillas led by entire air-wings of fighter jets that are forward deployed as much to be a deterrent as to actually defend us.


But this is not 1939, the world has forever changed. And the enemy is now within our borders.


While asymmetrical warfare bogs us down overseas in the “War on Terror,” something quite different and equally devastating is happening in-country here at home.


Both potential and presumed enemies have already been given ample opportunity to come here during our great period of lax legal enforcement and pervasive – but ignored - illegal immigration.


Truly, any country or faction thereof with any sense of proaction is here now.


To make matters worse, on an institutional level, a governmental level, and a political level, the very culture, value and pride of being an American is being systematically undermined. Do not forget that the greatest nations in the history of the world have all eventually come apart via disintegration from within.


In a physical security sense, our main problem now, of course, is mass immigration, both legal and illegal, as highlighted in Mark Krikorian’s new book that I reviewed and outlined here on The Tentacle two weeks back, “Modifying Lady Liberty’s Invitation.”


The sheer numbers of those emigrating from all countries has our INS Immigration and Naturalization Service completely overwhelmed.


Leonard Boyle, director of the “Terrorist Screening Center,” writes in The Washington Post that even in the best legal scenario “when our consular officers are examining proper visa requests to come to America, a maximum of about 10 minutes per application to screen is allowed for scrutiny.”


Even the computerized databases, with our enemies described (along with all known aliases) is over one million entries now, according to Mr. Boyle. So, not only can the legal system be gamed and defrauded with bad paper, the numbers passing through are large enough to easily mask and contain cells of anyone’s agents, potentially to spy or lie in wait for a future confrontation.


Add to the legal numbers the hundreds of thousands of fence jumpers still sneaking in over the border each year. Totaling over six million, the resulting enclaves can then be easily infiltrated by anyone wanting to become lost in America.


It is easy to see that we are just not capable of policing the circumstances we have at hand, and that is assuming we even had the political will. And we don’t!


Should a visa be overstayed, we don’t have the capacity or a system in place to search and detain. Should masses of illegals form their own communities, we are physically bound by political correctness and accusations of profiling in attempts to disburse.


And the physical security portion of the problem is the simplest part to impact; the real long-term critical issue threatening America is a non-assimilated enormous core of immigrants taking root and looking to take power.


Mexican consulates and their fostered support groups, along with pressure groups like CASA of Maryland, and fringe groups like La Razza (literally “The Race”) provide the insular capability to essentially allow Hispanic groups, for example, to remain separate from America and to force their political will on us.


This is a broken “melting-pot” and is the reverse of what has in the past been proper assimilation.


With enough cash and resources, as funneled in by the groups mentioned above, courts can be swayed, mayors can be convinced to declare sanctuary cities, political will can impact which textbooks are purchased for schools, and a revisionist history formed.


Was Pancho Villa a hero or an enemy of the state? These texts are changing.


Maintaining Spanish as a main language, and holding onto Hispanic nationalism, as an example, are huge roadblocks to proper assimilation into America. This is supported in the guise of multi-culturalism, a front.


Enter this arena, and be fully prepared to discuss your racist attitude as in my column called “Playing the Race Card” found here.


The Hispanic bloc is fully supported by agencies funded by the liberal policies of our own U.S. government, thanks to some extensive lobbying efforts. In Maryland even Gov. Martin O’Malley supports this via payments to CASA, a group that encourages non-cooperation with our own law enforcement.


Another issue is voter fraud. Again in Maryland as an example, there is no verification of legal status in order to vote. This in a state with a driver’s license given to all who ask, regardless of citizenship or visa status.


Voter registration drives have been conducted at centers catering to the support of illegals, with the obvious results. More voter fraud.


With these and other pressures brought to bear on our tight presidential election this year, where even several thousand votes can hold sway, it’s small wonder that both contenders are pandering to the Hispanic bloc.


With Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, choosing to ignore the issue of immigration reform, and Sen. John McCain, speaking before the pro-race group “La Razza,” it is clear that any real movement on these issues will continue to bubble up at the local level as they now are.


After the November election, your guess is as good as mine and all bets are off.


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