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July 17, 2008

The Implications of Illegal Immigration

Joan Marie Aquilino

There are so many hot issues to talk about this week, such as Waste To Energy (WTE), the economy, gas prices, housing foreclosures, car sales, layoffs and many more. But one, which seems to be slipping from the Number One spot it used to fill, needs to be brought back to the forefront again.


After watching the presidential candidates speak – or rather not speak - and also listening to many others on the illegal immigration debacle, I can't understand: (1) how they (elected leaders) allowed us to get to this point; and (2) why they can't now shut down the borders.


If you want to see a small problem become large and then go onto insurmountable, just give it to the government or politicians to fix.


I just don't know what people expect. We have no money, and what money we do have is being stretched to its limits and beyond because we are forced to spend it in areas that don't even benefit us and shouldn't be necessary.


Giving a hand up to other countries within reason is one thing; but supporting and providing constant handouts to those in our county and country illegally is outrageous.


I've tried not to make assumptions; but if the Board of Education won't even try to get the numbers, then I'm left with no other recourse but to assume that all the overcrowding is due to illegal immigrants and their children. I will also have to assume that the escalating healthcare costs are due to providing free medical care to illegal immigrants and their children.


I will be further forced to continue assuming that the overwhelming traffic on our roads is due to illegal immigrants and their children. I have no other recourse than to assume all the issues in this county and country are created by illegal immigrants and their children.


A bit farfetched you say? Well, it may very well be, but until we are - at the very least - allowed to track the numbers of illegals and their children in this country, we'll never know for sure and are left with nothing other than assumptions.


These assumptions will continue to grow and will escalate the anger in Americans, visitors and legal immigrants. We could find out illegal immigrants aren't even a blimp on the school overcrowding, health care or traffic problems; but we'll never know because we aren't allowed to ask.


The school board refuses to allow the numbers to be taken; the State of Maryland allows anyone to get a driver's license, and there's no accountability by anyone. It goes on from there.


How can we expect the county to enforce laws the state won't. How can we expect our state to enforce laws the federal government won't. Someone, somewhere has to be held accountable.


Sen. Barack Obama wants to ignore the problem. Sen. John McCain is nowhere near strong enough on the issue. We, on the local level, are left to deal with the burden and costs that the federal government and our own state are putting on our shoulders because of their unwillingness to do anything.


Ignorance is not bliss in this case, and the two men, who "supposedly" have the experience to run for the highest office in this country, should have the knowledge to deal with this problem. It's becoming more and more obvious they are too afraid. Ignoring the problem is just displaying ignorance and an inability to govern.


I would say no to any and all budget request to any department that can't account for its outlay to the illegal population.


This has nothing to do with those coming over the borders individually, other than they are doing it illegally; so don't even try pulling the race card. We obviously have a better country and benefits than anyone else because we sure as heck aren't breaking down any fences to get out of the USA.


This has to do with America not being able to protect its own borders and residents. It also has to do with our lawmakers not being able to follow the laws they themselves established. If they would follow the rules already on the books, there wouldn't be an issue.


Sheriff Chuck Jenkins was on Blaine Young's WFMD radio show on Tuesday. He spoke about illegal immigration. He breaks it down to its very basic level. He says stop it at the borders. I'm in total agreement. We need to let all elected official know what we expect. We also need to make darn sure they don't get back into office if changes aren't made.


Sheriff Jenkins has implemented all he can legally to deal with the illegal immigration problems, but it seems no one other than County Commissioners John L. "Lennie" Thompson and Charles Jenkins are willing to take other steps locally. These men need a third vote to accomplish anything. Commissioner Jan Gardner seems to recognize the problem but is at a loss as to what the county can do legally. I understand her dilemma, but I wish she had the courage to try.


Neither Sheriff Jenkins nor I are talking about closing one border. We are talking about the entire open borders of this country. Illegal immigrants don't come from one direction, so to make this a racial or nationality issue is to try to divert the attention from the real issue.


Many are just sick and tired of following the laws and rules of our country just to watch others ignore and benefit from all that we have to offer. Our own citizens are often turned away because the resources have dried up taking care of others. That is wrong on so many levels.


If you are concerned about illegal immigration, start talking to your elected officials. Let them know how you feel and let them know often. Request that they keep the immigration issue on the top of their agendas. If you don't like how they respond, remember that and make sure you voice that complaint when it comes to election time.


...'til next time. . .


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