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July 16, 2008

The Good Reverends

Tom McLaughlin

Sen. Barack Obama sure is having problems with preachers. First it was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and now the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Both have added a sense of amusement to the campaign.


Reverend Wright’s fire and brimstone oratory could never put me to sleep. His “inflammatory rhetoric,” especially when directed at people of my skin color would certainly keep me glued to my seat, if only to make a fast exit.


However, I can understand if Senator Obama didn’t hear a word he was saying during his 20-year attendance. When I was a churchman, attending and participating in Sunday school, I often found myself in a state of sleep during most of the service.


I was raised Catholic and the automatic up and down required was blessedly relieved during the sermon. Then, I could drift off into secret doze, keeping one eye peeled for the ruler-carrying nuns ready to snap my knuckles.


Twenty years later, I became a Methodist. The service was mostly singing, which I enjoyed, but the sermons, oh, the sermons, would send me into a dream world stupor, my head nodding and battling to stay awake.


Ashamed of myself, I organized the Sunday school class to congratulate the preacher on our departure from the church. Everyone had to thank the minister and say, “good sermon, I especially enjoyed the part about (what ever the topic was).”


For the first couple of Sundays, I played this little game but on the third Sunday, for the life of me, I could not remember the sermon being presented, let alone what it was about. I mumbled nice sermon as I shook his hand and made a beeline for the car.


I suspect Senator Obama had the same reaction as I did. Although it is incomprehensible to me how anyone could not pay attention to the Reverend Wright. I guess after a few years of listening to him, the mind becomes conditioned and he also drifted off into another world.


One must only whisper the word castration to bring a male out of a deep decade’s long coma. Reverend Jackson’s desire to perform this procedure on Senator Obama has caught the attention of the entire male population on the planet.


Of course, Reverend Jackson’s words are inexcusable and show a demeanor that should never be associated with a man of the cloth.


His background in the civil rights movement is stellar. He has brought attention to the possibility of the unification of America through his Rainbow Coalition. But castration?


There are people who are firmly convinced these two gentlemen will be part of Senator Obama’s cabinet. We already have a few like them with Dick Cheney and now former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. But, at least the good reverends never killed anybody.


Jessie Jackson and Jeremiah Wright should move to Ocean Pines, as I find many of the “retirees” there filled with bitterness and complaint. Both will truly fit in. They will find many others sipping sour milk and eating bitter grapes, making life miserable for all.


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