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As Long as We Remember...

July 3, 2008

Behind The Celebrations

Chris Cavey

This week is prime vacation time for many citizens, me included. Doubtfully many people will take the time to read a political junkie website this week, especially the day before summer’s biggest holiday; however, for you few, here are some thoughts.


Whether you are “down the ocean” or out at Deep Creek, remember your freedom to vacation and spend tons of money having fun with your family is thanks to a handful of forward-thinking men who gathered one hot Philadelphia summer to demand freedom.


The idea of freedom was not popular. It was debated over several meetings, no one tread lightly onto treasonous acts. The colonies were occupied by troops, and proxies from across the sea ruled the government.


Each of us knows the story and are beneficiaries of the outcome of that eight-year long war. This was one of the rare moments in history where men built a system of government from just an idea, one that has now lasted 232 years.


Are we as a people living up to the sacrifices and sweat equity of our Founding Fathers? Have we written off the idea of liberty? Do we take our freedom for granted? Have our successes made us take our lifestyles for granted?


The members of the Continental Congress never could have imagined a debate that would not allow the raising of a militia or ownership of firearms. They would be spinning in their graves to know that the Supreme Court, which they established, would have ever considered a vote on this issue, much less one that was so close.


How far have we traveled as a people that such a monumental decision is only a two-day news story and then forgotten.


Our framers of the Constitution placed freedom of speech first on the list because they knew expression of opinion and communication is crucial to a thinking society to make educated decisions.


Our screaming liberal press forgets that it, too, has protection under our Constitution; but well knows it controls mass communication and can sway the populace. Newspapers have lost readership and subscriptions due to the fact that Internet communication allows people to search for more than one opinion or view.


Fourth of July celebrations are a great time to remind each other of what freedom is and to celebrate our liberties as a free people.


Looking out at the beach it is spotted with multi-colored umbrellas, most shading people staring at the surf. Gaggles of kids are running around, most with sand stuck to their swimsuits and to the sun block slathered on their skin. No one is thinking about the Founding Fathers.


Later this week many thousand will watch fireworks and involuntarily gasp with delight as the colors burst in the night sky. Doubtfully there will be conversations about Concord and Lexington during the 30-minute display.


Deep inside, however, all Americans know with each report of a colored shell it is comforting to know we live in a country where so many sacrificed their lives and fortunes so we could be free.


Enjoy your family and your freedom this Fourth of July…I will.


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