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As Long as We Remember...

June 20, 2008

Before and After November 4, 2008

Edward Lulie III

I have to concede that my regard for President Bush have been on a sliding scale downwards for several years. I believe going into Iraq was the right thing to do; but we never should have based the reason on weapons of mass destruction without solid proof. He also wasted effort and prestige trying to convince the European Union (EU) to go along when half of its leaders were in bed with Saddam Hussein anyway. It was a waste of time.


I believe that we could win in Iraq, and may indeed do so. Basing the reasoning on global terror instead of the endless violations of sanctions (with happy EU and United Nation diplomats lining their pockets in the process) was a mistake. Yet it was not the worst one of the Bush presidency.


            The whole Homeland Security thing was overdone. You will never convince me that it is worth our loss of freedom when there is barely lip service over securing our borders.


What I fear is the power granted now to the government is in the hands of people who believe it is a “hate crime” to denounce Islamic terrorists. How long will they be able to resist trying their strength with concepts like making global warming denial an offense? (By the way the tide has turned on that issue, and the whole Al Gore cult is now on the defensive).


And while I blame President Bush for letting corporate America and Wall Street run amuck, the Democrats (and Bill Clinton) are equally to blame. Now I fear that when the oil bubble bursts the monies sunk in oil futures will evaporate and make the mortgage default crisis look petty by comparison. That would be a legacy that would etch George Bush’s name in the history books but not in the way he wants.


Now we come to the end of Bush’s last term with Democrats in control of both the House and Senate and poised to win in November. He has reversed the gains of 1994. Gas prices are over 100% higher than when he took office, air travel is a nightmare with security overkill and still ineffective at that. Our civil rights have been diminished, tax relief hasn’t happened. Medical care costs are still out of control and our border security is a joke.


            Still Democrats are terrified that somehow the presidency will elude them and that John McCain will sneak in. It is slowly sinking in that George Bush is not running again and they face the now-jilted darling of the media John McCain. Democrats are quietly nervous that Senator McCain might yet win.


Many Republicans are also afraid that John McCain will win but will vote for him anyway because they are horrified at the prospect of two years of unchecked Democrat control promising higher taxes, attempts to turn our nation into a fiefdom of the United Nations, and unbridled efforts to “Nanny” us with regulations on everything we do, or say, or think, or buy and or consume.


            So where is the Good News? Well, it is unlikely that Barack Obama will be able to actually enact into law much of the socialist regulation his left wing backers have on the drawing boards. Still he can enact by fiat too many things at the stroke of a pen if he is elected. Here it comes, get ready.


            John McCain, if elected, would have a very difficult time, too. Democrats and the media would hate him forever for robbing us of an historic first black president. But for him to win, he will need a huge turnout of voters who don’t listen to the media, why?


Well, because the media is a wholly owned and operated franchise of Obama LTD. They have already started the drum beat of inevitability, historic opportunity and the coming of paradise in just a few months. Senator Obama won’t need to spend money on advertising; he will get the limo-ride treatment for free courtesy of a fawning media.


            Here’s hoping that Obama is actually nothing like his record and is willing to be a moderate when his party wants someone like Hugo Chavez. We will see.


Tip to Obama, do not pick Hillary Clinton as your vice presidential running mate. She would soon be trying to have you out on hunting trips teamed up with Dick Cheney.


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