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As Long as We Remember...

June 5, 2008

An Attitude Adjustment

Chris Cavey

The primary season is officially over; it’s time to move toward the main event, electing a new president and a Congress that will accomplish positive changes.

Senators John McCain, of Arizona, and Barack Obama, of Illinois, will square off in November. Either will bring a changing of the guard to the White House. However, this election needs to be about more than a new tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The change needed is a change in the attitude of the American people. We need to wave the flag a little more often and complain less. We are the envy of all, a place where people of every nation wait in line for visas just to visit.

We are deluged with legal and illegal immigrants thirsting for opportunity. No other country can make that claim. Almost everyone here on planet earth desires to be in our country; so, we must be doing something right. Where is our pride?

Our economy at it’s weakest and our production at its lowest is the bar to which most nations aspire. We compete only with our own self-imposed limitations. Nations clamor to be our trading partners.

We feed the world with our surpluses in a magnitude that no other nation can claim. We pay farmers not to produce, inhibit them with governmental regulation, and we set price supports to control our food costs. We are fat with food.

We share, give away, and sell below cost more food than all other nations combined, yet we feel that is not enough. We extend American hospitality to the world – yet the world screams for more.

We extend outreach to other nations with medicine, education and religion. We as a country request or desire no handouts from others. Our system of capitalism and distribution of goods has made virtually everything available to the American consumer.

Our military is second to none. They are educated, equipped with high tech weaponry and are the pride of our nation. They collectively could conquer any and all the world’s countries if just given the word to fight.

We need to change the thought patterns of our citizens. Apathy toward government has been creating adverse selection in our elected representatives. We need pride in America, not political correctness allowing others outside our boarders to dictate our thoughts.

We have a history of innovation as a nation. We are a determined people who can be motivated to turn almost any situation into opportunity and invention. Our next president and Congress need to facilitate the citizens of the United States in our tradition of problem solving.

We need to prioritize our energy needs and look to creation of new energy sources in order to break our dependence on foreign energy sources. Energy of all types drives our economy, from food production and distribution to high-tech research and development.

There is no doubt, based on our history; the American people are problem solvers. We win wars. We drive the global economy. We feed the world. We are the nation that all others envy. No one is waiting in a long line to immigrate to France, Japan, Germany or anywhere else.

When we exercise our right to vote in November, we need to make sure that the change we are looking for is in-line with our proven pattern of strength and innovation. Americans have always moved forward as a nation.

Our greatest assets are our freedom and ourselves. We need to express, by our votes, to those who wish to represent us in Washington, that we will move forward – with or without them.


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