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May 9, 2008

How Much Longer?

Roy Meachum

Bill Clinton and his Democratic Party cohorts "knew" his wife had the presidential nomination sewed up. This explains their launching an imperial procession planned and financed only until early February's Super Tuesday. Through their experience-hardened eyes, the junior senator from Illinois was a minor distraction, at best.


Barack Obama had neither the national stature nor political reputation to stand up to both Clintons and their party regulars, they said. And they were right in states with established machines: New York, Massachusetts, California, Ohio and Pennsylvania topped the list of the New York senator's victories.


Caucuses posed the greatest danger; the community-style politicking was wide-open, less subject to influence and control by bosses. Worse still, Mr. Obama's call for change brought hope to the ballot boxes and tens of thousands of new voters.


The flocking of youth and the politically non-committed to the Illinois senator's campaign was the greatest seen in modern times. Jack Kennedy offered the chance to kick out pre-World War II duffers. Mr. Obama's faithful rely on him to clean up the way Washington's establishment does business.


The Illinois senator may not succeed, but they figure his administration would try. They know the Clintons, if successful in the primaries, would feel the good ol' boy system vindicated. Why would Bill and Hillary fix anything that works for them?


The situation calls to mind Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's run for Maryland's State House, only reverse the genders. Chiefly because they feared Mrs. Townsend's tinkering with their well-oiled apparatus, Democrats William Donald Schaefer, Mike Miller and Paris Glendening sold out their party's candidate; they went all out to protect the privileges, power and perks that might be threatened by the idealistic "outsider."


The American voters have been assaulted by the dirtiest tactics I can remember in any presidential race, most – if not all – coming from either the Clintons' camp or its satellites. At this writing, I have no certain knowledge of the source that foisted the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on the race.


It's possible to very much doubt either a reporter or objective bystander came up with the quotes from Sen. Obama's former pastor. It has never been demonstrated that the Democratic contender was exposed to the black preacher's diatribes. In themselves, similar rants from the pulpit can be heard throughout the Southern Bible Belt.


New York's Al Sharpton has been known to deliver equally racist comments; but, I know, he's not currently running for president. I find it vulgar and near-obscene the Clinton campaign's taking advantage of the leak, which my have started with them. How can we know?


Hillary Rodham Clinton insists on maintaining the fiction that she is Gen. George Armstrong Custer and the Indians are closing in. She is more like the 19th century cavalry officer than her supporters are willing to think. Both thrust themselves into hopeless situations and refuse adamantly to move on. Each has no one else to blame. Well, in her case, there is the undue influence of her husband.


Mrs. Clinton's Ouija board – or Bill – urges that she soldier on, counting on a miracle not self-made; e.g., she claimed a come-back win Tuesday in Indiana when the final numbers were lower than most polls said she would get.


Her campaign advisers look to West Virginia, they told reporters. How big a margin would embellish hopes when the former First Lady already enjoyed polls that showed her 30 points ahead?


In order to demonstrate her commitment to her vision as being the only fit candidate for her husband's old job, a story was flourished about how she and Bill contributed $6 million to her campaign. That makes a total, we are told, of $11 million from a couple that really hit the big bucks only after leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That is to say, there's plenty more where that eleven-mill came from.


Another not-to-worry: The money was loaned and that means it can be paid back, preferably by corporations and individuals who mean to curry favor with the Clintons, either one.

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