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As Long as We Remember...

May 8, 2008

Take Up The Challenge

Joan Marie Aquilino

Why is the crack down on criminal illegal immigration any different from any other crackdown on any other crime? We have come down on speeding, drugs, rape, child abuse, spousal abuse, just about every crime. So why is it different – or wrong – when an illegal immigrant commits yet another crime on top of their first one?


Does one crime cancel out the other? I don’t think so. Are you not in shock that our elected officials are encouraging and paying for those who break our laws? Telling people to ignore the laws and that it is someone else’s problem is wrong, just plain wrong.


The few, who step up and try to do something, are called racist, never giving any credence to what they are trying to accomplish. Sheriff “Chuck” Jenkins, Commissioners Charles Jenkins and John L. “Lennie” Thompson, Del. Rick Weldon and Sen. David Brinkley are just a few who are trying. We, the normal average citizens, need to help them by letting every elected official know where we stand. Don’t just talk among ourselves, let those who can do something, know how you feel.


Illegally immigrating into this country and then – on top of that – committing yet another crime against our country and its people, we are told, by the likes of CASA de Maryland and the Frederick Chapter of National Association for The Advancement of Colored People, to ignore it, that we are being racist.


We are told these criminal illegal immigrants are good people with families, and that we are scaring their children. Top it off by being told we are actually the ones at fault for tearing apart families and causing them to live in fear.


I love this one, it’s our fault that others commit crimes, get caught, forcing them to leave their families. All this is our fault. Fear mongers don’t affect me, and I hope others won’t buy into it either.


Whatever happened to accountability for your actions? Speaking of being accountable, when is CASA going to be held accountable for using taxpayers money to help those coming into this country illegally and continuing to break more laws? That was your money that provided the funds for that press conference on Tuesday.


Every citizen should be knocking down the doors of every legislator in this state and telling them to cut off funds to CASA. CASA’s own pamphlets are nothing more than a how-to for illegal immigrants.


Is anyone hearing what I’m saying? It’s your money funding CASA. CASA is using your money to support, encourage and endorse illegal behavior; and they are brazen enough to come out and chastise our county sheriff and his department. Now that is bold.


Keep in mind all the money these politicians are throwing around to enable, support and encourage this crime is yours – your hard earned tax dollars. I know I’m repeating myself, but it needs repeating. Our elected officials would rather spend our money protecting and supporting those breaking our laws. Cut off the funds to CASA.


Fear isn’t instilled in children by our police. It’s instilled by those in charge of those children, teaching them to hide, ignore and distrust the police.


Doesn’t every crime affect children?


If you take, buy or sell drugs, if you speed down the road in a drunken stupor, aren’t you affecting everyone you love, affecting their health and safety with your own reckless behavior? Is it the Sheriff Department’s fault when they haul off Mommy or Daddy because they are breaking the law?


Those wanting illegal immigration ignored will tell you that the children are afraid of the police. I ask why. What have the parents taught those children? What is CASA telling those children?


Not only do you break our laws, you expect us to support you while you’re doing it. Now, this is sheer madness. Yet when those of us who expect accountability dare to say – or do something about it – we are called racist, bigots and inhumane. Once again, fear mongering at it’s finest.


If I spent my efforts getting drugs dealers, rapist, and abusers off the streets, what would I be called? A hero?


What if those same people were illegal immigrants to boot? Then what would I be called? A racist?


Add one crime on top of another, and then it’s okay and we should look the other way and protect them. Now that is where it becomes crazy.


Those who want to protect or ignore illegal immigration should also be willing to sponsor and support those they so sorely want to protect. Stop putting our money where their mouths are. Use your own money to do it legally.


It costs money to fight crime. So, I ask CASA what their point is, and where the $3.2 million price tag came from. CASA is already endorsed and supported by our governor and the State of Maryland.


I have more faith in our sheriff and his department. I have no faith in our governor and the direction he is taking us. You do not give our tax money to organizations that openly support criminal acts. CASA and the NAACP are doing nothing more than instilling fear. CASA would not exist if it wasn’t for illegal behavior.


The other way of looking at this is that all the liberal, “enlightened” souls, who seem to think it’s so wrong of us to protect our country and expect accountability from anyone, are also the ones who offer no solutions. They talk and talk, and do some more talking; but, when it comes to solutions, you’d better look elsewhere because this group is full of blame and fluff and little, if any, substance.


The average law abiding citizen, their family and their children don’t cost me added taxes. The illegal un-law abiding, non-citizen does; and those costs are far exceeding anything they give back.


It’s bad enough to turn your blind eye to one crime, but to compound it and just shut both eyes to crimes on top of crimes and follow the trend of calling accountability inhumane or racist is Insane!


None of this has a bit to do with race, gender, religion or anything else. Do not support fear mongers.


Stop the insanity. Support your sheriff. Tell your governor to knock it off and stop giving our money to CASA. Tell your elected officials to spend our money on us, our children, our seniors, our hungry and our uninsured.


Charity starts at home and it doesn’t belong to those committing crimes against this country and – in particular – Frederick. If you agree, do something. Write a letter. Make a call and show your support.


If you disagree with me, then join CASA. I’m sure they could use you.


Just don’t be complacent.


’til next time…

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