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July 10, 2002

Be Careful Whose Endorsement You Seek And Receive

David 'Kip' Koontz

Lt. Governor, Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend (also known as KKT) came to town Monday for the dedication of Hill Street Park in Hillcrest.

Uh huh.

The call that was sent out said something along the lines of "join Mrs. Townsend for this dedication and it is expected that Mayor Jennifer Dougherty will endorse KKT at this event."

Isn't that special!

Word on the street is that Herzonner had a fit when KKT came to town last month for a luncheon because she (Herzonner) was not a featured speaker.

It is said Herzonner threw quite a hissy fit that someone other than herself was the center of attention and she is said to have demanded a more direct link with KKT and herself be presented than that which the luncheon planning committee allowed.

She couldn't quite get it through her ego that it was someone else's day.

So, it seems that to appease Herzonner the local Dems managed to get KKT back to Frederick in order to afford Herzonner the opportunity to bestow her blessings unto KKT.

Excitement ensued right from the start after KKT supporters were positioned directly behind the speakers holding a larger than life "Townsend for Governor" sign.

Oh, and most in attendance were waving "Townsend for Governor" signs, too.

It was suggested by at least one alderman that as this was a public park dedication the extreme politicization of the event and the sign behind the speakers might have been a bit out of line.

Go figure?!

So the sign holders were moved - to the side - slightly.

A brief explanation about the park and how much fun it will be ensued.

Then Herzonner let all the aldermen in attendance turn over a shovel full of dirt.

Along with Delegate Sue Hecht and Lt. Governor Townsend.

What did those two have to do with the creation of Hill Street Park?

Then the almost giddy mayor announced she whole-heartedly and fully endorsed KKT for governor as the sign holders raced to fall in line behind them as the real reason for the event unfolded.

KKT spoke, as did her running mate!

Herzonner beamed as radiantly as she can as she stood next to them.

Some might say though, that as Herzonner's support appears to be evaporating as rapidly as levies along rivers in Texas, that it may not be in KKT's best interest to have Herzonner's continence shine upon her.

After all, KKT does want to win right?

One thing is apparent though, and that's the fact that Herzonner does not act in anyone's interest but her own.

Therefore, one must question what Herzonner hopes to get out of a stage production where she endorsed the Lieutenant Governor?

Is it that Herzonner would get her mug on "big city" television? That's always good. But none were in sight.

Maybe Herzonner would get a quote in a "big city" newspaper. A picture of her ponying-up to KKT wouldn't hurt a bit either. Not sure if a "big city" newspaper reporter was there or not.

Maybe Herzonner needs to realize she's not the draw she thinks she is.

Anyway, maybe Herzonner is working on advancing her political career by getting "into" the KKT machine. Though you do have to wonder how she took the news that she wasn't selected to be KKT's running mate.

Maybe she thinks Frederick will fair better economically, and so forth, if she endorses KKT and then KKT wins.

That's hard to believe.

Maybe the rumor that Herzonner is in line to get a cabinet position in KKT's administration (same rumor that is being bandied about regarding Commissioner Jan Gardner and Delegate Sue Hecht, too, by the way) is true and making a big fuss is the best way to show her loyalty.

Thing of it is, experience has shown that KKT has a history of being loyal and Herzonner.well let's just say.NOT!

So, KKT take heed as the campaign progresses, don't cross Herzonner! Don't do anything to upset Herzonner! And, for pity's sake, don't try to tell Herzonner how she may do things a bit better because that sharp pain in your back may not be coming from a Republican opponent but someone you call "friend."

Ouch! Beware the Ides of July?

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