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As Long as We Remember...

April 18, 2008

Clinton Woes, the Os and Global Warming

Edward Lulie III

A certain amount of smug belief in consensus thinking is pretty typical of those in the major media. The one thing about the media being certain of something is that it almost always guarantees that they will be wrong. Lately we have a number of examples of that proving to be the case yet again.


Let us start with Global Warming. It’s a political/religious cult with the goal of dismantling western civilization and distributing “wealth” as the cult would see fit. It is only loosely based on science and shouts down anyone challenging it instead of engaging in a fact based debate.


The media, well onboard as believers, has been shouting Al Gore’s dogma out to the public complete with dire warnings of imminent doom just days away from us. That bandwagon has hit a few bumps in the road.


So far this year temperatures are cooler than normal. That isn’t in the script. Ocean temperatures observed over the past few years have not revealed any significant warming at all.


Now scientists are also concluding that if global warming occurred it would tend to decrease the numbers and intensity of hurricanes. I’m not sure I actually agree with that, but I am no scientist.


Other scientists have been raising the fact that solar cycles, over which we have no control, are almost totally responsible for the temperature variations over time on planet Earth. Yet still, the Global Warming bandwagon plows on heedlessly.


Those committed to saving the planet from global warming will – in time – be revealed either as visionaries or as deluded political cultists trying to scare their way to power. If it reaches a point (not too far away at the present pace) and Global Warming is widely disproved and ridiculed, trust that the media will quickly develop amnesia and forget that they were ever on the bandwagon and pushing the concept.


Another media mistake was their belief that Sen. Hillary Clinton not only would easily win the Democrat’s nomination for president, but the general election as well. What has happened instead?


A guy named Barack Obama appeared and is now locked in a bitter, increasingly dirty, fight with Mrs. Clinton for that nomination. Instead of an easy ride to victory, she is fighting hard just to stay in the race.


That sea of jubilant Democrat faces has now become worried and even frantic. This can not be happening; it isn’t supposed to be this way, is the general refrain.


Just to help out the GOP even more, Ralph Nader has announced that he will run as a third party candidate. The fact is that John McCain, who is still not well-liked by most of the GOP, stands poised to beat either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama.


It’s kind of funny, I suppose. Republicans had pretty much written off 2008. Now the Democrat infighting is making them think that Senator McCain can win, and, like him or not, they’d prefer him to either of the other two.


Actually Democrats could easily live with a President McCain except that then they wouldn’t get to run the administrative branch of the government. That is something their legion of would-be appointees is counting on. Another four years out of office would be hard for activists to swallow, particularly since their consensus belief has been since 2006 that they would regain the White House this year.


If Democrats continue with this increasingly bitter nomination fight, it might well end up with a divided party and result in depressed voter turnout. The GOP, pretty much resigned to being out of power for years to come, suddenly is being brought back from the dead – by Democrats!


Consensus thinking can leave you high and dry when reality strikes and proves your assumptions to be wrong. Take the 2008 Baltimore Orioles.


The team has pretty much stunk the last few years, and, when they got a new manager and began a rebuilding process, the sports writers took a preseason assessment and virtually all agreed that the O’s were toast. Better luck next season.


As of April 15, the Orioles were 8-5 and in first place in the American League after an early season six game winning streak. Now that doesn’t mean they won’t end up dead last in the league when September rolls around, but it does mean that there are now a lot of writers and sports pundits worried that the O’s might actually not stink as bad as they predicted.


I know one thing that I can do to help the O’s win, not watch their games. Every game I have watched on TV has been a loss. If I don’t watch them play, they win.


Peter Angelos should move fast and hire me to keep on not watching the games. For a mere fraction of a manager’s salary, I would be happy to avoid watching them the rest of the year. Please Pete, call or write me now before I’m tempted to watch again!


Meanwhile take note when everyone forms a consensus opinion that something is certain to happen in the near future. Seems to me that the more certain they are, the less likely it is that they will be right.

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