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April 9, 2008

Fallen from Grace

Tom McLaughlin

I have trouble equating human life with money. It’s like combining an apple and an orange to make a new fruit. Shakespeare and algebra simply will not go together in a publishable book.


Those who say we should execute people because of the cost it takes keep them alive makes no sense to me. The Laws of God handed down to Moses all that time ago still stand. “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Then we add Jesus, who forgave us for violating those laws through grace. The rest of the Bible is history, or written by lawyers, to change the basics. An eye for eye is an example. A vengeful person bent on revenge scribed that.


The same is true about someone seeking medical care. A suffering person must be treated at a hospital. They cannot or should not be turned away because of lack of money. Those who say illegal immigrants are a burden on our health care facilities because they don’t pay taxes are the same ones who try to combine the apple with algebra. The logic does not, nor will it ever, work.


Education and illegals are the same. To deny the innocent children an education because they are mythically over crowding schools and because of cost combines the orange and Shakespeare. We have no choice. It must be done. Because of grace.


The same is true of those who try to enforce the law through fear or action. It’s against the law for them to be here. Grace before law. History is littered with people who stood by and allowed the prejudices of society to be ruled by the sword. Or the threat of it.


Moses and his people. The blacks and the Klan. The Native Americans and the English. The Japanese and the American people. Ireland and England. Germany. And now illegal immigrants. In every case those who threatened have fallen from grace. Or disfavor. Or have been recorded in history as scourges. As will happen this time.


The idea that we should check foreigners for social security numbers should be abhorrent to both our religious and political sensibilities. We have established this nation “Under God” and His grace; and this action violates grace. It also violates the idea that “all men are created equal.” If you check them, you have to check everyone else. Period. You, me and José.


Everyone must protest these unfair actions. Use the religion of grace, or the political one of all men are created equal. But don’t try to add codicils to these principles. They say “Thou Shalt not Kill”. Period. It says, “All men are created equal.” Period. Don’t fool around and try to add stuff to justify your inaction or prejudices; and please, don’t throw money into the equation.


If you still haven’t been persuaded and stick by your guns with money, just think. Fourteen million illegal immigrants made suddenly legal, without condition, as is grace, will be paying taxes. Billions will suddenly be flowing into coffers. A minute afterwards. That should satisfy you.


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