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April 8, 2008

How to Avoid Getting Run Overů

Farrell Keough

Sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield. It seems that recently we taxpaying residents of Maryland have been the bug. Of course, this covers a multitude of sins.


But, to be specific, this is in reference to CASA de Maryland and a bill in our General Assembly that would allow illegal aliens the capability to sue over wage and hours worked.


It is highly recommended to get on the mailing list for Help Save Maryland. It is free and will keep you informed on these issues. To that end, two recent emails were sent from that organization and this will keep you up to date on the issues.


The first involved a Freedom of Information Act request to Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and County Council President Mike Knapp. The request went virtually unanswered until the organization Judicial Watch, ( become involved.


Very simply, the request was for five years worth of official documents and taxpayer funding for the Montgomery County CASA de Maryland organization. Once the force of Judicial Watch became involved, the information was handed over.


Brad Botwin, of Help Save Maryland, will release the information over the coming weeks. This should be a shocking expose of how our tax dollars are supporting illegal immigrants in Maryland.


The end desire is for a cessation of funding by Maryland taxpayers for this organization and an independent audit of CASA de Maryland. Once the public is aware of the potential funding of illegal activities by both the State of Maryland and Montgomery County, it is hoped this activity will cease and those responsible will be held accountable.


Keep in mind that CASA de Maryland is one of the strongest opponents of Sheriff “Chuck” Jenkins’ initiative to deport illegal immigrants arrested for committing crimes in Frederick County. This program cleans our streets of previously convicted criminals and deports these people back to their countries of origin.  This not only keeps our community safer, but has a potential secondary effect of keeping criminals out of our area as they know getting caught and deported is a real possibility.


The second issue is a bill which has made it through the 3rd House reading and is now in the Senate. This is House Bill 1392: Labor and Employment - Maryland Wage and Hour Law - Civil Penalties. While the title sounds very nice, the worrisome aspect is the potential for an illegal immigrant to sue an American over wage and hours disputes.


While everyone should be protected in regards to job disputes, this is akin to someone breaking into your house, tripping over your couch and breaking their leg, then suing you because of unsafe conditions in your home. CASA de Maryland, the illegal immigrants, and the lawyers involved in this situation can cause a person to lose their home and business.


Suits like this should be handled by the Attorney General’s office and its staff. Targeting groups or businesses by an illegal segment of society is mind boggling.


Submitting the bill was Del. Victor R. Ramirez (D., PG). You may remember this delegate from a February 27, 2007, column when he was pushing a bill allowing illegal immigrant High School graduates to receive in-state tuition for college if they had “resided” here for two or more years.


Yes, our own children may well lose a limited college admission slot to a non-tax paying, non-citizen, young adult who arrived in this nation illegally. Now, this same delegate is proposing further legislation to empower a group of people who have already committed a crime.


Not all news on this issue is negative. As previously stated, our own Sheriff Jenkins is instituting a program through ICE to deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes. This is also occurring in Anne Arundel County via the work of County Executive John R. Leopold. These programs seem slow in coming, but as they progress others feel empowered to pick up the mantle.


We are not seeing the changes we desire at the federal level. Remember how little of the border fence is being built? We are seeing signs through House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi to overturn any progress on this front.  She has already blocked legislation to hire some 8,000 new agents to secure our boarders.


The next movements to protect our borders will certainly not happen at the federal level; hence we must pursue this on a state and local level. We have groups and individuals working tirelessly on our behalf to document and make the necessary changes, and we need to support and encourage them. 


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