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March 27, 2008

Dems Campaign Won’t End In Desired Result

Chris Cavey

A week or so ago, while chatting up Maryland politics with a yellow dog Democrat friend of mine, our topic shifted to presidential politics. He lamented to me about not knowing what he would do come November. He might even stay home in disgust! Unable to remain silent my comment was: “Glad I’m not a Democrat.”


Democrats are faced with quite a dilemma, from a party unification standpoint. They are in the throws of a tightly contested primary race between two candidates who are not “mainstream” Democrat party material. Their candidates are people who have arisen from the minority portions of the party.


Typically those portions of any organization are not lead by consensus builders. These leaders are zealous, bold and single minded in fighting for the rights and causes of the minority they lead. They are not the type of leader who will function well in a diverse environment.


The reason is minorities are not proponents of diversity; they are envious desirers of shared power. The proponents of diversity have to be those in the majority who see the problem and allow the diversity to occur.


Sen. Hillary Clinton will not become President of the United States. According to all polls, she has the highest negatives of any candidate – of either party – who has ever attempted to seek this office. She has ridden the tide as the darling of the liberal press and they can only carry her up to the ballot box before being rejected by the people.


Sen. Barack Obama will not become the President of the United States. Although an infectious orator, he represents the far left side of his party and the rank-in-file Democrat on the streets knows this. He also has the additional burden of overcoming any hidden racial prejudice that lies within the electorate…and there is plenty.


A year ago, even as a rock solid Republican, I knew that my party’s reputation was in trouble. Pollsters and press all touted the pending fall of the Republican Party being lead by Republicans certain to lose the White House in 2008.


We had a large cast of candidates all trying to be the next Ronald Reagan. Republicans across America sorted it all out. Our potential nominees each fought the good fight with little intra-party bloodshed and a nominee rose to the top. Our debates were civil, the nominees were gracious as each, in turn, choose to bow out of the presidential race. The Republican Party appears to congeal as each day passes.


On the other hand the Democratic Party candidates show limited civility. Each clamors to reach their party’s nomination in the manner they understand, fighting as a minority, not as consensus builders. They are a textbook example of everything bad in politics today.


Everyday we draw closer to the general election the greater the divide in the Democratic Party widens. Senator Obama will be the Democrat’s nominee. Senator Clinton, if she cares about her party, needs to be a leader by understanding that her math and the arm-twisting of super delegates will only serve to further divide her party.


An Obama-McCain contest will result in another Republican win. Senator McCain is honorable, experienced and understands working with others. The electorate can see this.


Perhaps someday all people involved in the political game will understand what has happened in this election cycle. The Democrats are now learning that there is a difference between empowering people within a minority and just giving in to their demands for the expedient political purposes of placating future votes.


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