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As Long as We Remember...

July 5, 2002

Spirit of 76 - Gasping for Breath

Lee Marshall

We live in a different America this July 4, 2002. We are in a war as certain as we were in July 1942. But that was "Roosevelt's War," they say. Today it' s "Dubya's War," they continue.

The '60s leftovers, descendants of World War II cowards, are living in a time warp, one writer said recently. It's time to throw away those faded jeans and silly beads - I say America for Americans!

The enduring voices of the American Revolution would be embarrassed to see what has happened to the nation, which was inspired and made holy by The Creator. The Spirit of 1776 is gasping for breath, but not dead yet.

The reality this Independence Day is that we have a significant vocal minority, which doesn't want its hot tubs disturbed; its artificially inflated stocks and corporate fraud discovered. They want someone else to preserve their way of life and don't want to hear that they have to take a stand for basic American beliefs.

Voices are screaming that we are unfairly targeting swarthy Middle Eastern-appearing males as possible terrorists. Instead, the targets to achieve political correctness have become harmless older men and women and attractive young blondes (good for a frisk) at the airport gates. So far our Nation has been lucky to avoid follow-up attacks after Sept. 11, 2001, considering the leaky borders and unskilled "security" guards at airports.

National Review Editor William F. Buckley, recently, assessed the anti-war activists in general without attacking them personally. "The anti-war movement," he said crisply, "is a statement (from them) that America is not worth fighting for."

We think America is worth the fight, but we have some challenges because of a national mindset that we shouldn't offend anyone with our "outmoded" ideas and mores. We have lived with revisionist history, ignorant pack journalists, and liberal, leftist atheists who have intimidated courts at all levels, and politicians who pander to the enemies of Americanism.

"One if by land and two if by sea; and I on the opposite shore shall be," wrote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow of the quest by Paul Revere warning of the enemy in 1775. There is no more telling example of a people coming together in a common cause . Today's generations X and Why think Paul Revere had a rock and roll band. Yeah, well, different guy! The real Paul Revere was a patriot. We haven't seen a similar patriot emerge yet over the din of the native born Fifth Column here.

"Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes," General Andrew Jackson said at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814, when the British made a second try to defeat the upstart Americans. Today's nose ringers believe Andy Jackson is a Chicago-based charlatan and erstwhile social terrorist living grandly off the generosity of white people who are trying to avoid being called racists. That is Jesse Jackson, and the description fits well.

And how about the Spirit of 1776, that inner glow emanating from the Declaration of Independence which propels us to fight for God and country? They think it's just a picture of three guys staggering home after a night of philandering. It ranks with the classic scene of dogs playing poker rendered on velvet. Even Elvis is more venerated.

That "Spirit" took it on the chin last week when Judge Roy Bean Goodwin (there's no law Left of the Pecos) showed San Francisco's queer ideas by declaring unconstitutional our Pledge of Allegiance and the words "One Nation Under God." What a follow-up to the brouhaha about the Ten Commandments being located in a cemetery in Frederick. We better circle the wagons on that one.

Judge Goodwin and his crony, Judge Stephen Reinhardt, should be taken from the bench and incarcerated in the "pit" at the abandoned San Quentin with the other rats. I suspect Alexander Hamilton might have called them to a duel on the issue.

Of the three judges hearing the case of Michael A. Newdow, only one had some sense. Ninth Circuit Judge Ferdinand F. Fernandez said, in effect, that the arguments of Mr. Newdow and the majority opinion were without merit. He said the staples of America would not be compromised in terms of its references to a supreme being, especially not by judges in San Francisco.

But that's the haughtiness of the city and the "Grate" State of California these days. The city soured in the 1960s and it has never recovered. Maybe it should not have been rebuilt after the great earthquake in 1906; that would have saved us the trouble of trashing a city with a great bridge.

The only good thing to come out of San Francisco was the Yankee Clipper Joe DiMaggio. Joltin' Joe was a war hero as well as the pride of New York and the Yankees. DiMaggio's Restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf couldn't attract Joe when he retired from baseball

"I Left My Heart In San Francisco," crooned singer Tony Bennett. That's good; it means he didn't have to go back to the dysfunctional burg in which writer Mark Twain said he spent the coldest day of his life there one summer.

California seems to have more than its share of weak-kneed sops, who think America got its freedom by paying the Stamp tax of the British Parliament (Frederick wouldn't and didn't), or giving up our guns that kicked their butts from Lexington-Concord to Yorktown. Americans knew if freedom was worth having, we'd all have to fight.

I'm all for letting California secede from the Union. It certainly doesn't protect American values. It did give us the Silicon Valley, land of computer chips, but little else of value. Sorry, but California wine gives me gas and makes me sleepy. I prefer good old "Southran sippin' whiskey," maybe a little sprig of mint, ice if you have it, no sugar please, some spring water on the side.

You can bet from this corner that we believe America is worth all the sacrifices to secure and maintain this One Nation Under God. In every document at the National Archives, you'll see a reference to the Almighty, our Creator and such other references to a being greater than us.

So hide your muskets, Bibles, Torah and other holy writ and keep a sharp eye out. As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy, and he is Us." The Spirit of '76 may soon get a transfusion and we'll need every able-bodied man and woman.

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