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July 4, 2002

Maybe Music Is The Key

J. D. Hulse

For a month or so our editor has been on us to produce a column for the 4th of July. I have been putting this off because, well, quite frankly, I wasn't sure how I felt about this country. Let's face it, right now we REALLY don't have a lot to be proud of. I think in the coming year we will truly see what this country has its hand in and I hope that the Book of Revelation is not involved.

A friend brought a DVD that I loved over the other tonight. The movie had all the best elements of any really good film.

Boy is in prison. Has a dream. Tries to make that dream come true (bunch of stuff and assorted subplots). Everything comes out OK in the end and everyone is happy.

WOW! "Hollywood" written all over it. Except this was a British film.

I think it is kind of funny that after all these years, the "Motherland" is getting its cues from us "colonies".

The theme of the movie is average guy has big dream of starting a swing band and although everything in the world seemed to come at him (and the group) he persevered. He kept going because he believed in his dream (and his parole officer was waiting to throw him back in jail).

What is more American than that?

Remember us a couple of hundred years ago? Young bucks striking out on our own. Wanting something bigger than us. Freedom.

We as a country have done many terrible things to many people and did it all in the name of "freedom," making us the "best example of democracy in the world". Many people, and powers, have tried to conquer the world. They have all failed. Even Bin Laden couldn't bring the USA to its knees.

Swing music, who would have thought? Could it bring two countries together? Maybe we should send a couple of Glenn Miler, Tommy Dorsey, or Cab Calloway CDs around the world. To all the nations that are fighting. Over what? Land? Power? The Bible?

Maybe everyone just needs to take a few minutes.

Grab a partner and dance.

And enjoy the real fireworks, of love and friendship.

p.s. watch the movie twice to get the dialog, the accents of those "foreigners" stumps me too. Its title is "Swing."

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