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As Long as We Remember...

March 13, 2008

Character Counts…

Chris Cavey

The race to become the 44th President of the United States has boiled down to three individuals, two Democrat and one Republican. There are some similarities, such as all three are members of the human race and each have the letters a, c and o in their name. They are also each members of the U.S. Senate, however only one passes underwriting standards.


Most of my friends like to argue the political side of candidate philosophies. What did this one do on a certain vote in the Senate? What comment was uttered in a certain state on the campaign trail six months ago and under what circumstance? These are all items and issues we postulate about and try to understand in correct context.


Political junkies like the debate; it’s in our blood. Who said what and when? Who was seen with whom and what did they say?


My grandfather always said, “Never believe anything you read and only half of what you see.” He was a wise farmer.


In my real life I have been just a plain old “Main Street” insurance agent. Twenty-eight years ago my career started with 10 weeks of training from a large company. Then it was learn by doing, the school of hard knocks and a little luck.


One thing every successful insurance agent learns is front-line underwriting. Your portfolio and your income depend, in part, on the character of your clients. My son calls it “profiling,” but it is, in fact, a tried and true standard of property casualty underwriting.


The years of being smiled at, lied to, postponed and avoided has taught me, and others in my profession, how to spot a shyster a mile away. My best clients are those who pay their premiums, don’t try to fudge claims, ask honest questions, and work to understand the intricacies of their insurance policies. They are people of character and high moral fiber.


Every agent would love to have the president of the local VFW, Masonic Lodge, PTA, volunteer fire company or Lions Club insured.  These people are strong centers of influence…normally people of known character within their community. (Note, too, they rarely run for public office.)


Never yet have I read in the liberal press a feature article about the high moral fiber and quality character of the Democrat candidates. Why? Doesn’t anyone care? Isn’t it a quality you would want in a president? Certainly the media would and should tout such traits if Senators Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton possessed them…yet no articles can be found.


Articles can be found, however, regarding honor and respect in regard to Sen. John McCain. The press does give him his earned admiration for his service to our country. They also recognize his reputation for “straight talk” in telling it like it is, a characteristic many people feel is perhaps blunt or too aggressive in today’s world of political correctness.


Senator McCain has apparently kept his officers code of honor, the values taught at the Naval Academy, and the hard lessons learned while a prisoner of war and applied them to his daily life.


Everyday people feel comfortable with leaders of good character. That’s why you see a member of the local Masonic Lodge become the fire chief, or a local business leader elected PTA president, or even the “Main Street” insurance agent awarded the key to the city.


The next President of the United States will be elected on honor and character. The press knows and, to date, refuses to make the comparison. This November the citizens will bypass press inflated issues and look to find a president of character.

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