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March 10, 2008

Casa de Illegals

Steven R. Berryman

Historians contend that “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” While The Maryland General Assembly is allowing time for debate on key issues such as the protection for “Doo-Wop” singers against copyright infringement, consequential issues like the current illegal immigration disaster fall by the wayside. Do we really want to hold a nationally infamous title as a “Sanctuary State?”


Recent photo opportunities with pro-immigration activists rule in the media. New constituencies are formed between legislators and potentially illegal voters. The elected perpetrators are from Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. The pandering to criminals is a disgrace for all to see.


Yes, by being in America without legal status, you are already a criminal by our own definition.


Why has Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley donated a new headquarters building located in Langley Park to “Casa de Maryland,” the marginally legal front group for illegal immigrants? Why do we not have senators and delegates standing in line to oppose this transfer of our money from our treasury to our detriment?


The CASA handout pamphlet to its own members actively encourages: How to protect yourself from immigration raids, and a reminder to not carry on your person papers from another country of origin. Further reading finds a recommendation to not tell police or officials anything about immigrant status when asked. Their advice is to clam-up.


CASA has a goal of assisting the evaders of our laws.


Miranda Rights are afforded to U.S. Citizens, are they not? Yes; however, a lie by omission by a non-legal status immigrant should be deemed a crime. CASA works against you if you are a legal citizen.


I am thankful that a Maryland contingent of lawmakers, including Del. Richard Weldon (3B), State Sen. David Brinkley (4), and Frederick County Commissioner Charles Jenkins, is leading the way on smart responses to the invasion.


Also, for the record, Sheriff “Chuck” Jenkins beat Prince William County, VA, to the punch on enforcing laws surrounding illegal immigrants when arrested for a crime, including a deportation hearing before a judge. Shame on the other sheriffs for taking a wait and see attitude on this program in coordination with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).


Grassroots groups are forming now to help concentrate attention where is justly deserved. Help Save Maryland ( and its director Brad Botwin is a good example of affirmative citizen involvement. The platform and a link to the CASA pamphlet are a “must” see if you have not already. Truly shocking!


Should Maryland taxpayers allow in-state tuition rates for non-documented illegals? The consequence is that you are subsidizing them if HB1236 passes. In addition, your child will be bumped out of place in line for a borderline admission, and you pay a higher tuition as a result of supply and demand economics.


Should Maryland continue to offer a fully valid driver’s license to all comers without verifying legal status? This “gateway” ID essentially confers legitimate status when acquired. Why are we one of only seven states in this position? HB288 must be passed, as we cannot wait for the REAL ID act to be fully implemented.


Do gangs draw disproportionately from the ranks of illegal immigrants? Yes.


Why pay for health insurance if it’s free in the Emergency Room.


Who pays for that? You do, in the form of higher premiums on your medical insurance.


Have we fairly evaluated the true costs of uber-liberalism?


Walt Disney’s 1960s view “It’s a small world after all” is a pleasant remembrance of childhood past for many of us. His de-facto argument for diversity ignored the consequences of the position. We essentially build a better mousetrap, and they all came!


We cannot – as a state or country – throw away our filters and protections to save the entire world. Managed immigration is the humanitarian thing to do, but not universal no cost immigration!


What message would that send to those working hard, but within the system, seeking legitimate citizenship and/or legal status?


Is their some entitlement program saying that if you are economically downtrodden just come to America, and don’t worry about that pesky citizenship thing? A totally open immigration policy, which we have now, attracts abuse.


Don’t we want to encourage a future for our country that promotes the legal assimilation of the law-abiding? If Annapolis does not pave the way for this, then you should get involved. Hold up the mirror.


Walls don’t work. Since the Maginot Line failed in France in World War II and the Great Wall of China did not save the Ming Dynasty, I suggest we focus on what can truly protect us: our laws and the enforcement thereof.


If you are in our country without a legal status, then mi casa is NOT su casa!



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