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As Long as We Remember...

February 15, 2008

A New Chapter

Edward Lulie III

It has only been a few weeks since the death of my wife, Beth; it has been a hard time for us, I wish that no one had to go through what we have. Yet that is part of life and for those left behind, life goes on.

Living here in Frederick County for most of our lives means that I am always running into people who know us, and who openly wonder where Beth is. It is somewhat like being a plague carrier; you are always the bearer of bad news; for those that you tell what has happened can have no good response to make; there is not much to say but that it was a tragedy and that Beth will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

My sons and I got out of the area for a few days and it was a relief, until we came back. Then everywhere became a sea of memories, good memories but painful all the same. We have been overwhelmed by Bethís passing, but also by the outpouring of letters, emails and phone cards. I am still working through the stack of cards and unopened mail. I will send a response to everyone, but this will take time; so if you are someone that I havenít yet thanked, please understand. Thatís enough about my life at the moment, I could go on but thatís not why Iím writing this. It is time to start doing things again that I need to do. Writing is one of those things. I said before that Beth was a great editor, tough but wise. She isnít here, except in spirit, to keep me on the straight and narrow. Therefore they may be times ahead when passion overcomes my better judgment; I do hope to avoid that.

For the first time in years I did not vote in the primary. On the Republican side, to my astonishment, John McCain has been left as the only man standing. The choices mentioned as possible vice presidential choices for him are almost all uninspiring. At the moment the momentum is there to elect the first black president in U.S. history, Barrack Obama.

Hillary looks clearly out of control and that may be a good thing. Iím not sure we could take another four years of a ďmachineĒ candidate poised to claim the spoils of election; although it is inevitable that special interests will be lining up for their share as soon the next president is sworn in.

For myself the prospect of change, as envisioned by the media, strikes a chord of abject panic; every lunatic left wing fanatic is expecting the dawn of a new communist (oh Iím sorry, I meant ďprogressiveĒ) state in 2009. Our borders are gone. Individual freedoms have been struck down first by Bill Clinton and then by George Bush. It says volumes about President Bush that he is siding with DC to save their gun ban.

Pretty much it appears that we can say goodbye to the concept of nationhood until we reach a point where things might change again.

I keep reminding myself that it took four years of Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan. Neither the smartest nor the wisest of men, he was precisely who we needed desperately at a crucial time in our history.

Where, then, is the next Ronald Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt? Certainly not among the candidates in 2008. That seems certain. And what insanity do we face when the worst of all worlds happens?

Congress and the presidency controlled by one party determined to lock itself in power forever. If Democrats do not end up ruling both houses of Congress and the presidency, our left will go ballistic. You can see their anger everywhere as they continue to cry out for vengeance and Bushís impeachment.

Change is inevitable; seldom do we have a real vision of what is coming in the future. Will things happen to upset the Democrat parade back to power? It sure doesnít appear so from what we can see today. There is still over half a year left until the general election. You never know what can happen.

Life can change unexpectedly in moments; so, too, might our political landscape turn upside down from a single event. The one thing we do know is that George Bush will be out of office by this time in 2009 and, at the moment, the man replacing him appears to be Barrack Obama.

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