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January 29, 2008

A Labor of Love…

Farrell Keough

Breaking News: Group able to accomplish acquiring and building football field for local children without government help.

Shocking, but true. The Frederick Youth Sports Association (FYSA) has not had a home football game in five years. The organization was played on the Frederick High School football field for a year; then five years ago they lost the privilege to the lacrosse team. The players range in age from five to 12. But, all this is about to change.

Through the help of Mickey Zimmer and many others, a new field at Camp Shoresh in Adamstown will soon be underway. This camp has negotiated a well conceived 10-year contract with FYSA, but further funding will still be necessary.

How does FYSA plan to handle the additional expenses? Through government help? Through pleading to the public for funding?

No – although they will happily accept any donations. This organization plans to use good ol’ American capitalism and offer a service to offset their needs. But, more on that later.

The location will be here:

The football field and parking lot will be in the southern portion of the county in Adamstown. This 10-acre lot will include a multi-purpose concession stand, two restroom buildings, and maintenance shed. The pedestrian pathways will be ADA accessible (having slopes of less than 5%).

The Master Plan for the facility will have this layout:

The football/lacrosse field will have bleachers to accommodate more than 600 people. An additional play area will be developed next to the concession stand for younger children and their parents.

Reforestation will be established between the adjacent properties for both environmental health and as a visual buffer. In short, this will be both a visually pleasing, safe, and healthy addition to the area.

The football team will use the facility during the fall season and Camp Shoresh will use it for about six weeks during the summer. The remainder of the year will be open to subleases for other uses and events. This flexibility will allow for virtual year round enjoyment and benefit of this facility.

Although our county purports to have a strong desire for parks and open spaces, to date nothing for children is being built. Hence, having an organization take an entrepreneurial leadership role to accomplish such a need is not only outstanding, but something we should encourage for future needs and desires. But, to accomplish this end, a means of funding must be established.

To that end, the Frederick Youth Sports Association has come up with a flexible and industrious mechanism to fund their ongoing needs: advertising! They are working towards leasing advertising for the scoreboard, bleachers, concession stand, equipment shed, and banners on the fencing surrounding the field. These will be possible multi-year leases – the scoreboard has a longer term than fencing banners as an example.

Hence, we come full circle. A group of hardworking, private individuals have developed – and are implementing – a plan to benefit the children throughout our county. No tax increase will occur; yet the benefits will be recognized by a wide variety of residents. And, the necessary fund raising will benefit both the Frederick Youth Sports Association and the company advertising, as they both work in partnership.

If you work for – or own – a company that would have an interest in joining this organization by advertising your services, drop me a line and you will be connected with those who can accommodate you. This is a grand endeavor and one we should applaud and promote for our future and the future of our children.

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