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As Long as We Remember...

January 17, 2008

How Quickly We Forget

Chris Cavey

What a difference a few years make. It seems like it was just 2004 and The Sun of Baltimore commissioned a poll where, oddly enough, a Republican governor – after his first year in office – scored a rating of 56% popularity from the citizens of Maryland. The press and media were in disbelief.

Now Gov. Martin O’Malley lingers at 35% – and they barely waste a pint of ink. Why?

Is it because they were following-up the hand slapping the Democrats got for improper procedures and probable constitutional violations? Or perhaps they were busy questioning why O’Malley’s Public Service Commission has allowed BGE electricity rates to skyrocket? Or the fact that rules are quietly changing on same sex marriage?

Maybe they were just too stunned at the depth of financial wisdom the Rev. Jessie Jackson was spewing in Baltimore Tuesday. After all the Reverend Jackson is a world-renowned expert in almost every field, including banking…just ask him. (By the way, does anyone know what he actually does for a living?)

The fact is the press was just giving the low-rated Democrat governor of Maryland a pass. You see he is a Democrat governor in a Democrat-dominated state with a well-intentioned Democrat General Assembly, who controls everything about your life. So, come on, give the man a break, it’s just a 35%. (By the way, the ABC poll had President George W. Bush at 35% this week, too!) The liberal pundits said “he (O’Malley) made difficult choices to put the state on solid financial footing…” Oh, get a life! It is just differences in management styles. Democrats like to take from everyone and give to special interests, because they can and you haven’t stopped them yet.

I say anyone can buy a vote; a good servant of the people earns the public vote.

Governor O’Malley was quoted as saying: “Popularity is a nice thing, and I have enjoyed it from time to time as a public servant.” Of course he has. So has President Bush. However, like every Democrat, he is popular when he is giving the store away. Later, like now, he takes his whipping because he knows it will long heal in the public’s eyes before next election time.

James Gimpel, a professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, is quoted as saying: “You hope that voters have forgotten about the time you come up for re-election, and most of the time they do.” He forgot to add – because they normally have the memory of gnats!

Sen. Nathaniel McFadden, a Baltimore Democrat, actually joked that he was one of those “tax and spend Democrats.” It was reported that he believes that voters would eventually accept the increases. Unbelievable, he agrees with me!

Senator McFadden knows, however, he’ll have no problems at re-election time; neither will 95% of his Democrat friends because Maryland citizens will vote party lines to maintain the corruption of single party control.

You see, even though every month you will receive that electric bill with the O’Malley PSC-rate increases, you will eventually become numb and uncaring about how it happened. You will just want to pay the bill and get on with life.

By 2010, when the next off-year election is in full swing, you will be able to calculate a 6% sales tax in your head, you will have budgeted for all the other taxes and consider them no longer a shock. Like driving past the same buildings and same intersection everyday you just take it for granted, as if it was always there.

Maryland voters need to awaken from their trances. Once in a while you have got to plow the field and turn over the soil! The recent Gonzales Survey showed that 50% of those polled think the state is moving in the wrong direction.

Those who are not happy with the arrogance of entrenched legislators in safe seats who laugh about tax-n-spend, or who ignore the tax-hating voice of the people want those voices removed from the legislative process. No one should make a career of the occupation of part-time citizen legislator because they have then become an institutional oxymoron.

The poll is a good sign. It can be interpreted that today citizens want a change. The question is: Will they remember? I hope so.

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