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June 26, 2002

Jenita's Promises Too Much Like The Perons'

David 'Kip' Koontz

Who would have ever thought, when quips were made after Herzonner Jenita ascended to mayorality, that she might have found Juan and Evita Peron to be her role models in politics? Even though once again, just as if she is following the musical "Evita" to the score, another example of her "Peronist" sensibilities has come through.

In Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical there is a song in which the two lead characters, Juan and Eva Peron are contemplating whether to stay in politics or to retire peacefully to another country.

Eva, attempting to persuade her hubby to run for president, sings that while it is troublesome - the process of having to "win a majority" - they can do so because "they have unions on their side."

In the musical, a whole lot of singing transpires where their descomisados march around and cheerfully come out in support of the couple and sweep them, oops, him, into office.

Well, it seems that here in little old Frederick, Herzonner Jenita may have bought that plot hook, line and sinker.

Seems Jenita agreed in October to promote unionization of city workers and to guarantee collective bargaining, if indeed unions and city employees supported her election.

Geez, has Jenita done away with the Board of Aldermen, or has she forgotten there can be no unionization or agreement on collective bargaining unless the aldermen approve it?

But, as expected, the union is in town calling for unionization and collective bargaining.


But, let us hope that the union's leaders and our city employees look at how the Perons followed through on their promises.

Under Peron, Argentina went virtually bankrupt. The press that was not supportive of the Peron agenda was shut down. Wages for workers did not go up and the unions, totally behind the Perons, got a whole bunch of nothing for their support.

Based on Jenita's record thus far, one can say it may be doubtful the unions can expect anymore than her apparent role models gave the Argentineans.

A quick review of her record shows that Jenita, and her Eva, Ms. Rosvold that is, has seen to it that at least three people, who were promised jobs by Jenita, did not receive them.

Others, who were opposed to Jenitaista policy, were sacked.

It has been said that supporters and friends who worked hard to help elect Jenita have been summarily dismissed with a wave of a hand and an exclamation of "Well, I am mayor!" when they have come to advise her that some things she may be doing may be off base.

Neighborhoods, whom Jenita triumphantly toured during her campaign offering support for their concerns, have been denied or abandoned.

So now, in the face of criticism, Jenita has come up with yet another plan to pacify our desire for responsive government in City Hall.

Just like Evita in the musical, who claims everything can be made good through her "foundation," which doles out gifts and tokens to those she deems worthy, Jenita claims she will use city-wide neighborhood councils (her foundation) to help solve our city's woes.

Most likely, the role of Jenita's foundation will be to go through the motions of listening to the constituency, only to have Herzonner smile upon this or that voting precinct, oops, neighborhood, if and when she sees fit.

We, of course, as descomisados, oops, the constituency, are most likely, as in the musical, supposed to clamor around Herzonner, singing and crying out for her to hear our appeals. To beg and plead that it is our turn to gain her favor.

Well, as history has shown, under the Perons that didn't happen all that often.

So Frederick, please don't expect too much from your neighborhood committee. Jenita probably won't be paying too much attention to what it suggests anyway, after all she "is mayor!"

And to you, Mr. Union Representative, if you do end up unionizing and gaining collective bargaining for our city's employees, please beware that you may end up being in the position of Eve in the Garden of Eden, with Jenita, well, as the serpent.

We all know how that turned out.

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