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As Long as We Remember...

December 6, 2007

Questions and Answers

Chris Cavey

This week a friend referred to me as a glass half-full kind of guy. Jokingly I told him anyone who is an officer of the Maryland Republican Party is required to be an optimist, because if you don’t see a future for our party, you have no reason to be in leadership.

Let’s set the record straight with my opinion. Here are some recently asked questions with answers.

Does the MDGOP have a cash flow problem?

You bet it does. We are a minority party in a deep Blue state; no large donors or multi-layered corporations are looking to buy access to our thoughts and political power. The big money is flowing once again to the Democrats. That’s why we have new taxes. They should have continued to invest in us.

Is our cash flow problem at an all-time historic low?

No. In the late 80’s our chairman had to beg monthly to friends of MDGOP just to make rent payments. In the 90’s we incurred debt similar to now. Historically we have had low cash flow, except for the Ehrlich years, because money flows to power and access.

How have we survived?

The faithful donors are how. There are plenty of people who are not in the major donor category who are consistent givers. They are the true believers, who know that Maryland needs a two-party system to have responsible government, and there are plenty out there. More will follow soon when the tax burdens hit.

Do we have internal fights?

Sure, what family doesn’t, especially when under financial stress? Republicans are a diverse group with diverse ideas. Political people love to argue and debate…it’s like a sport. When we’re together, however, the hospitality rooms are always full; and I have yet to see even a shouting match. Think of it as a debate team or live talk radio without a host.

Do we eat our own?

Well…not really. There are fewer Republican coups than rumors we hear about Democrats who have “retired” from public office.

Do we get upset and lash out?


Is there disappointment in votes made by elected Republicans?


Is anyone leading the charge to enema the unfaithful out?

No! You see, in most cases, a freethinking Republican is better than the alternative.

What about Republican leadership?

Well, every MDGOP chairman has a different management style. It’s just not the same as before. But so are many other things – like the governor of the State of Maryland, the voting patterns of the Maryland General Assembly, your electric bill and your taxes.

Our Republican leadership in the Maryland General Assembly is excellent. They, too, are part of our package. Both the Republican Senate and Houses caucuses have excellent leaders, who work in harmony to present the Republican views on behalf of our partisan constituency.

Are we doing our job?

Absolutely! Prior to the opening of the special session our Republicans in the General Assembly teamed with MDGOP and held a massive anti-tax rally in Annapolis. We educated the public in Maryland, and citizens jammed the switchboards in Annapolis for 21-days in protest of new taxation.

E-mails and letters flowed into Democrat offices at a rate of 40 to 1 against new tax burdens. Hundreds of small business people and average citizens drove to Annapolis to testify against the Democratic Party’s tax package. Letters to The Editors flooded newspapers. The fuel that fired that engine of protest was, in large part, MDGOP.

What about party participation and activity?

Our central committees statewide are full and working. We have created new Republican clubs since the 2006 election. Club membership and participation is up. There are hundreds of Republicans who have registered with the State Board of Elections to be delegates and alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention. Presidential campaigns are recruiting workers and planning campaigns. Doesn’t sound like a dead or dying party to me.

Overall, Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller hasn’t even come close to burying our party as he had hoped. He just kicked a little sand in our faces like the bully on the beach. The arrogance of Democrat promoted taxes will, however, be the shovel the public uses to bury them in the next election cycle.

The future of MDGOP in investment terms is: Buy now; the stock is expected to rise.

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