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As Long as We Remember...

November 8, 2007

An Open Letter…

Chris Cavey

Dear Governor O’Malley,

The Guinness Book of World Records lists Teflon as the slipperiest substance on Earth. In a few short months Maryland’s citizens will witness that you are the slipperiest governor in the United States; because nothing will stick.

Your perfectly orchestrated plan of future denial has been already set in motion. With the luck of an Irishman, you’ll certainly get away with your tricks.

First, you blame your problems on Bob Ehrlich. Then you travel the state with a “dog and pony” show, explaining to the people why your predecessor was fiscally incompetent because he left only a two billion dollar surplus, which you spent in 90 days.

Then you take a trip to Ireland, hoping the fiscal crisis goes away and perhaps for a rub of the Blarney stone.

Upon your return you give your pouty-concerned-governor look to the media and announce you are spending at least $350,000 to call a special session to solve Maryland’s fiscal crisis, which you created, but no one will think about that, save for a few wacky Republicans… and who believes them?

Next you downplay the fact that the budget of Maryland is balanced through June 30, 2008, because it was your budget. After all you don’t want someone saying your budget was inadequate or unfair. It’s still Ehrlich’s fault is your mantra.

Amazingly you get two groups of union goons and perverted citizens to drive to Annapolis to rally in favor of higher taxes and additional burdens. You attend and fire up the troops to self-sacrifice their incomes to make you look good. A slick move for sure.

Your bills cut spending for land preservation; eliminate tax cuts for power plants making energy cost more; cut education funding; and remove benefits from state employee retirements. Yet the environmentalists, teachers and state employees rally to slit their own throats – because you are their governor and Democrats know how to govern.

You forget to mention that $200 million less is spent on Thornton funding and that state employees could see 2 5 percent less in their cost of living adjustments. You know it doesn’t matter because they are your friends, too; and so is the press, so no one will belabor this point. Hey, maybe someone will blame this on Ehrlich, too.

You then claim that slots should be the “people’s choice” a week after the polling data shows it is a sure bet. If you can manage to cause a referendum you can blame any later problems on “the will of the people,” the same way the Republicans are doing with your governorship now.

Then you tie tuition freezes, school construction and health care to passage of slots on the November ballot. The hungry population cries for joy, not realizing that that income and those promises are at least two years from fruition.

You know you can blame all future woes on the legislature. It was really their bills and they amended and passed them. You were only forced to sign them into law.

The legislature will be blamed for the bait and switch of new inclusions to the extension of taxes on services. You can point at them when the 20% rise in sales tax starts and suddenly it costs every homeowner six percent more to have a mowing services, new landscaping or repair their child’s computer. They held the hearings – not you.

When Maryland looks back and realizes that it has lost its business competitiveness because it dropped to eighth worse in the country, and your initial bill was projected to take $60 million in new regressive taxes but got amended to suck $300 million out of Maryland’s economy instead.

You can always claim you never brought that amendment forward – while signing the bill.

Every citizen in Maryland has a talent. Some can sing; some can play the guitar; some can drink lots of beer, and some can tell a lie with a straight face; however, as you know, few are naturally slippery.

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