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As Long as We Remember...

June 21, 2002

Fiscal Conservatives Should Vote Fiscally Conservative

Mike Kuster

If a motion came to the floor to eliminate pork-belly projects from an Anti-Terror Bill and direct all funds to defense and homeland security, how would our congressman vote?

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R. 6th, MD)always impresses his constituents and his PAC supporters by claiming to be against waste in government. He has received awards for his devotion to eliminating waste. He sends newsletters every election year under his House account to tell all of us in the 6th Congressional District of Maryland that he is working to make our tax dollars go further.

Republicans in Frederick County love Congressman Bartlett for such devotion. Hey, I would love to see someone eliminate wasteful pork projects, too.

Unfortunately, his recent vote on an Anti-Terror Funding amendment contradict his mantra of less government. In fact, he voted with the block of House Republicans to keep pork in the bill.

House Democrats proposed an amendment to Anti-Terror Funding. The bill being considered would provide $29 billion in anti-terrorism and New York City funding and a few billion dollars for several pork-barrel projects. The Democratic amendment instructed House conferees to insist on more spending for defense and homeland security and ZERO spending for unrelated items.

The motion would have meant more money to upgrade the FBI's computers and equipment to detect "dirty bombs."

House Republicans, including our congressman and Maryland GOP's gubernatorial candidate, claimed that eliminating the ability to fund pork would tie the hands of negotiators in conference committee. In other words, if they can't fund a ship-building factory in Wyoming or a new 10-lane highway connecting Westminster and Gettysburg, the bill may not pass.

Every Maryland Republican Congressman voted NO! Is that fiscal conservation?

How does Congressman Bartlett vote NO on eliminating pork from an anti-terror bill?

How does Congressman (and Governor-Wannabe) Bob Ehrlich (R.2nd, MD) vote NO on this bill?

How does Congresswoman Connie Morella (R. 8th, MD) vote no on more government spending to secure her district?

What is going on? I thought we Democrats were the wasteful ones! Here is another perfect example of the manipulative nature of GOP politics. The first one to label the other ends up the winner.

So, before Don DeArmon and Roscoe Bartlett begin, I'll do it!

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett is a Tax and Spend Republican!

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