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As Long as We Remember...

October 11, 2007

Paying for O'Malley's Addiction

Chris Cavey

The taxpaying citizens in Maryland should prepare for a call to arms. If the governor of Maryland calls a special session of the Maryland General Assembly for the sole purpose of increasing their tax burden, citizens, in protest, should storm Annapolis.

Lawyers Mall should be wall-to-wall people, the streets should be clogged with vehicles circling the State House and Government House, and everyone armed with signs of protest, shouting their disgust at the fact Maryland's government has lost all fiscal responsibility.

You should be incensed that Maryland's governor would call a special session, one which will cost Maryland taxpayers up to $34,000 each day, just to raise taxes! You should be to the point of outrage with the fact everyone knew this fiscal problem was looming but did nothing to relieve it during the 2007 regular session.

Frankly, during the 2007 session avoidance was the governor's game plan as he chose to raid all of Maryland's savings accounts so he did not have to face the structural deficit issue during his legislative honeymoon. Like anyone with an addiction problem, he needed to admit he had a spend-and-tax problem before it lead to an unbearable structural deficit and full-blown case of taxaholism.

You should be further annoyed that in a few short months the General Assembly will convene, without any extra costs us, and would - at that time - take up this problem in its normal course of business. However, just like other addictions cause cravings, Gov. Martin O'Malley wants the proposed tax increases now, which means they would take effect in January, not June.

If a November special session is held, your increased tax burden will begin six months earlier than if processed in a normal legislative session. This means you are being charged extra for a special session to raise your taxes because the governor can't wait three months to raise your taxes in the ordinary course of government operation. The citizens of Maryland should be angry enough to "dump the tea" in the Annapolis harbor!

In 1773 the colonists were upset with two acts of taxation dictated by a tyrannical king an ocean away. Today we have a barrage of tax acts waiting in the wings for approval by your representatives in the Maryland General Assembly. Yes, that's right, you need to remember your delegates and senators will not go without the blood of higher taxes on their hands if they vote to enact these issues into law. Each needs to be held accountable.

Governor O'Malley further claims that 95% of taxpayers will see a reduction due to a lower tax rate on those with incomes under $15,000. Everyone else disagrees including The Wall Street Journal. You need to logically think about his proposals.

Increase corporate taxes and business either leave Maryland, which means we loose jobs, or they raise the price we pay for manufactured goods and services. Where is the savings for you?

Increase vehicle titling tax and you add to the slow down on vehicle sales. Index the gas tax and you have unending higher prices on the cost of consumer gas and the cost to do business due to the fact everything moves by the combustion engine. Where is the savings for you?

Increase the sales tax and consumer cost is increased. Expand that tax to include your auto repair, cable TV, beauty salon, tax preparation, exterminator, property management service and over 20 others and you will pay more taxes. Where is the savings for you?

Now, do you really believe that only 5% of consumers will assume this burden? Do you really believe citizens making under $15,000 per year don't drive or repair or buy gas for their cars, purchase goods in Maryland, get hair cuts or watch cable TV?

Perhaps we should do as Del. Tony O'Donnell (Southern MD) has publicly suggested and change the signs at the state borders to read: "Governor Martin O'Malley - Welcomes you to Maryland - What's in your wallet?"

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