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September 25, 2007

Peace Be Unto You

Roy Meachum

Our blue-eyed, blonde-hair culture becomes more antagonistic as our numbers decrease as a proportion of the population. There are those among us who hate all those darker-hair, brown-eyes who are popping up everywhere.

The case in Jena, Louisiana, struck horror into the nation because everyone assumed we had gone beyond practicing bigotry in such a crude manner. How gauche! Don't those redneck hillbillies know any better? Blacks might be dissed and humiliated out of sight, but not with the media staring on.

Arabs are quite another matter. The anti-discrimination laws don't mean a thing: they haven't for a long time when it comes to Middle Easterners. At least African Americans weigh in as Christians; these other dark skin folks don't.

Especially since Arab radicals made all Westerners look very ridiculous, they are open targets. They had tried before to level the World Trade Center, which should have made the government cautious and alert. It didn't. 9/11 was not so much a triumph for the murderous crew that swore allegiance to Osama bin Laden as it was for the notion bureaucrats bumble along.

That's not how most of my fellow Americans see it. To excuse themselves from any and all blame, they manufactured the myth that both Washington and New York were struck that day by a super organization capable of being anywhere and everywhere, at the same time.

Any act deemed terrorist, and some not so identified, has been laid at the feet of al-Qaeda; its members collectively and individually inherited the powers of old-radio's Shadow: he was never seen but all seeing. Any Middle Easterner could be bin Laden's representative, capable of plotting death and destruction on the blonde-hair, blue-eyed race, they argue.

Perpetuation of that myth brings fear to even those who have brown-hair and brown-eyes. In fact, according to various studies, al-Qaeda's numbers reach to the low thousands. But ask any "real American" and you will be told every time, repeat every, that all Arab and Muslim should be viewed with great suspicion. They might be terrorists.

Well, let me tell you that isn't even close to the truth. In their religion's name, Christians have slaughtered far more. That's not happening at the moment simply because Westerners are losing their faith. Generally speaking, only evangelicals really believe and attempt to bring others to Jesus.

Then there are the Mormons: each year Frederick is blessed with very youthful "elders" of the Church of Latter Day Saints following their mission to recruit the entire world to accepting the Book of Moroni.

But no aspect or sect of the Christian faith can begin to compete with those who believe "There is no God but God and Muhammad is his messenger."

Despite the bad rep handed to Islam by the few angry among them, those who know the right way lies in Islam are the proselytizers most active on every continent.

It may surprise some that converts are not made by teaching "America is the great devil." That is only political rhetoric and has nothing to do with Islam, which is derived from the Arabic word for "peace."

Peace be with you, my friends and fellow blue-eyes, blond-hair brothers and sisters. As Iraq demonstrated again, we gain nothing by starting a war with brown-eyed, brown-hair neighbors, wherever they live.

Totally unlike defending our rights, when we become the aggressors, we lose down the line.

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