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As Long as We Remember...

September 21, 2007

Gloom and Doom - Part 2

Edward Lulie III

The left has predicted Gloom and Doom for the GOP in 2008. That prediction might be premature. Despite the gleeful optimism of many Democrats, there are several problems that they must overcome before they can celebrate.

For one thing, there will be actual issues at the center of the election and it won't be just about candidates. Those issues are becoming visible even with more than a year to go before the election.

Consider for example the dismal 10% (or near that number) approval ratings of the Democratic House of Representatives and Senate. If the GOP was still in charge, those numbers would be endlessly repeated and trumpeted by the major media. They'd start the daily news cycle with it and run it endlessly, probably with new polls being promoted with "can these numbers possibly go any lower?"

But, with Democrats being the party in charge, the story is largely buried in the back pages or seldom mentioned. How bad is it for Democrats? President George W. Bush is three times more popular! It could be because a third of the population keeps thinking "thank God it's not John Kerry or Al Gore."

Democrats have two major problems on the horizon. The first was highlighted when Sen. Harry Reid (NV) lashed himself to the mast and declared that the Iraq War was lost. Now that the war might actually be winnable, Senator Reid and most Democrats are desperately dancing, trying to deny their previous statements.

When Democrats were happily marching to the tune of old '60s anti-war songs, it was in a belief that Richard Nixon.oh, excuse me, I meant .Mr. Bush would soon be leaving. They could see the helicopter landing on the White House lawn to take George Bush away just like President Nixon.

Yet, despite their certainty that it would be happening, it just hasn't happened. A chilling thought is now drifting into the subconscious minds of many Democrats that maybe this is not going to end like Vietnam.

The GOP has sought to label Democrats as weak on defense for decades, but Harry Reid may have just accomplished that feat single handedly. His position on Iraq might warm the hearts of San Francisco leftists, but it will not win many votes in the rest of the country.

I contend that the major issue of 2008 won't be Iraq, or the economy or health care or gay marriage or corruption in Congress. It won't be a referendum on George Bush either. It will be illegal immigration.

Fred Thompson already understands that; and he is already talking about it. This is an issue that will resonate with middle of the road Democrats and will attract them in the way that Ronald Reagan did. Senator Thompson is already demanding that we enforce our laws and build a wall on the border. That concept might not sit well with the left; but it is a sensible answer for the vast majority of citizens. How could enforcing our border security possibly be bad?

Why the left and the major media haven't figured this out still mystifies me. Their take on the issue seems to be that only racists and Nazis are against those poor immigrants who risked so much to come to the U.S.

How can anyone be mad at maids and lawn care workers? They honestly do not see the "illegal" part as a problem.

In part that's because the affluent elites running the media and the Democratic Party don't see their own neighborhoods overrun with illegals. I guess to them the availability of cheap labor ranks much higher than protecting the integrity of our national borders.

For many it is also a belief that illegals are really "citizens of the world." That's more important than honoring those old outworn concepts like nationalism and citizenship.

Fortunately the vast majority of U.S. citizens, from all walks of life, all religions and all shades of color are in agreement with Fred Thompson's position.

So, how is it that Democrats, all on the wrong side of public opinion, expect to prevail and win? Like a pink elephant in the living room, Democrats continue to ignore it; another example of Cognitive Dissonance at work.

You can already sense it, even now over a year away; a mountainous rolling wave cresting on the distant political horizon that will continue to build and gain momentum as we approach November 2008.

Fred Thompson seems to be positioning himself to ride this monster wave to victory. Democratic candidates are blind to it. If this political tidal wave does arrive, those who don't ride on it will be crushed under it.

Perhaps these grim forecasts of gloom and doom are actually correct, but destined to apply to Democrats and not to the GOP.

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